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Ride your way through Rally for the Y

Throughout the month of February, YMCA members can help raise money for their local Y through the event, Rally for the Y. By riding on indoor exercise bikes called Expresso bikes, members will earn 10 cents per mile, which goes towards the YMCA’s annual campaign.

Kristen Carstens, senior health and well-being director for the University Y Student Center said that the UWY staff and members alike have been excited to help. One such member is Tyler Pederson, who was the top rider for the team last year and is continuing to be a top performer this year. Pederson has a goal of riding 400 miles and raising $1,000 for this year’s Rally for the Y.

“The campaign creates opportunities for everyone in the community,” Carstens said.

Summer day camps for youth, mentorship and outreach programs, Y memberships for foster kids, and financial assistance that helps families and adults access the YMCA are some of what the annual campaign supports.

Signing up for Rally for the Y is simple. Users are asked nine questions to create an account, including which YMCA team that would like to be affiliated with. After registration is complete, the user signs in with their username and password before each ride on an Expresso bike. No matter what YMCA the user decides to visit, it links the number of miles they ride to their associated team.

UW Tacoma students have an extra incentive to join the UWY team for Rally for the Y this year. The UWY will reward the top student rider with an Apple Watch, provided they clock in at least 250 miles.

Progress can be monitored in a few ways. Displayed on the front desk of the UWY is a visual chart showing where individual riders are placed. Online and on the computers near the Expresso bikes, users can view where they line up, as well as where their team is nationally. As of Feb. 7, the UWY was ranked No. 4 amongst 304 participating teams.


Interested individuals can set up an Expresso account at
To donate on behalf of riders, visit their local YMCA or go online to