Question of the week: 2/5/18

Every week the Ledger asks a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and a Professor their take on current and upcoming events. this week’s question was:

What does the #MeToo movement and Women’s March mean to you?

Tuyen Pham
Freshman, Pre bio-med

“That a woman can do anything man can do!”


Tamera Fakhoury
Sophomore, Business Marketing

“It’s a liberating feeling because I feel more
comfortable on speaking out about things.”


Tri Tran
Junior, Information Technology

“Personally, I think it’s great because the
movement empowers women and motivates
them to speak up.”


Chelsea Galves
Senior, Information Technology

“It feels like that sigh of relief after a long tiring
day. We no longer need to hold our breath due to
shame and guilt.”


Brittany Iwaszkiw
Staff, Court 17 Resident Coordinator

“It’s an amazing platform to empower
women and connect amongst each other.”