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Battle of the Paddle: UWY hosts ping pong tournament

The UWY and Center for Student Involvement are hosting the first ever Battle of the Paddle ping pong tournament Feb. 12 and Feb. 14. The winner will take home a $25 gift card as well as the title of best ping pong player on campus.

The matches on Feb. 12 will be hosted from 12:30–3:30 p.m. in the Dawg House. Matches on Feb. 14 will be held at the same time in the UWY Game Room. These matches are open to all students to come watch and cheer on those who are competing.

This tournament is for more than just the glory of the title, though. Event coordinator and student facilities specialist for the UWY Student Center, Jeremy Homolka, explained why tournaments like the Battle for the Paddle are important for student life on campus.

“The tournaments — we also do pool and air hockey — were created as a way to enhance campus life by providing quick and fun ways for students to engage on campus during school days,” Homolka said. “We have always hosted the tournament game times in between classes, as a way to connect with students while they are on campus. Additionally, the tournaments are a great way to advertise and market the game room options that we have available on campus.”

While this is the first Battle of the Paddle, it is not the first ping pong tournament that has been hosted on campus. The first ping pong tournament, “Beat the Dean,” was hosted by the Center for Student Involvement in 2016. The winner of that tournament got the chance to take on the dean of students in a one-on-one game.

The UWY is also hosting friendly tournaments every Friday from now until the end of winter quarter. Future tournaments include badminton, billiards and “Madden 18.” These tournaments are free for students, and the UWY Student Center encourages students to participate in these events.

For more info and to register for Friday tournaments at the UWY, visit