The Scent of Intramural Sports is in the Air

Organized sports are available for anyone looking to improve their physique, show off their talents and have a ton of fun. The brand new University Y Student Center offers competitive basketball and volleyball (and dodgeball if enough students get involved.) Players are coming from all over the local area to play. Anyone with a YMCA membership can participate, both students and local community members can com­pete in their favorite sports on an NCAA regulation court with pre­mium sporting equipment included. The YMCA hosts tournament style sessions for both of these sports. Games are played on two prear­ranged days every week for about a month.

Games are played in the evenings from 7- 10 PM. Each team is entitled to eight games. After those eight games the playoffs begin which con­sists of the top four teams in the league. Teams play two sudden death elimination games and then one team is crowned as the Kings or Queens of the season (or quarter) and get to hold the bragging rights as tournament champions forever. Getting involved is as easy as typing into a web browser and searching for the intramurals section. A group of friends can sign up and have their own team, while individuals can sign up as a free agent and will be placed on a team. Basketball is played five on five and is played for two twenty minute halves. Volleyball is played with teams of six, rally scoring, and a score limit. Nine teams are cur­rently signed up for the season. Day­lon Karamatac, UWT intramural sports coordinator, said, “its going to be a great season and I’m really ecstatic for it. Participation and growth are my goals, I’m a strong advocate for participation.” The reg­istration fee is $10 and includes team t-shirt. Information about the pro­grams are available by calling the Y front desk or intramural organizer Rachel McMahon.