Advertising Details 

If you would like to see your business, organization, or event advertised in the Tacoma Ledger whether in print or through our weekly newsletter then we want to hear from you.

Advertisement Examples

Custom Advertisement Design is available for $60

In print our pages measure 17″ x 11″ and as such, to account for seams and edges:

  • Full-page ads will typically measure 16″ x 10.25″.
  • Half-page ads will measure 8″ x 10.25 inches.
  • Quarter-page ads will measure 8″ x 5.125 inches.

We accept ads from sources on and off campus, and our rates can be viewed in the table below:


Off Campus PricesOn Campus Prices
Quarter-Page $120 Color, $90 B/W$100 Color Contingent*
Half-Page$185 Color, $130 B/W$150 Color contingent*
Full-Page$300 Color, $200 B/W$250 Color guaranteed


Email Top – $115Email Middle – $100Email Bottom – $80

*Color contingent means that depending on the week/budget the ad will instead be in B/W.
**Digital advertisements appear in the Tacoma Ledger’s email newsletter. The Ledger publishes online (website and email newsletter) on Monday, followed by a print issue on Tuesday.

Any combination of the above equals 10% off sum price

A copy of the full Ad Contract with further details on pricing can be viewed here:

To be considered, please complete the contract that applies to you and submit it to

Already a customer? Have you received an invoice? You can pay your bill online here, via UW Tacoma payment system TouchBase.