About Us

The Ledger is the independent weekly collegiate newspaper of The University of Washington Tacoma. All content is generated by Ledger employed student journalists currently enrolled at UWT. The Ledger strives to adhere to student interests. UWT Administration, student organizations, and students and clubs exercise no editorial control over the publication. Funding is provided through UWT Services and Activities Fees, and is supplemented with advertising revenues.


Talia Collett – Editor in Chief

As a senior at UWT, Talia currently holds the position of Editor-in-Chief while pursuing her double major in Communications and Arts, Media, & Culture Studies as well as a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Upon completion she hopes to continue her education, eventually earning her doctorate to become a professor, and carry forth her journalism experience into a field of research writing and journalism. She is an avid lover of the arts and in her spare time often finds herself listening to music, watching films, reading and creating in any way she can.

Alyssandra Goss – Managing Editor

Alyssandra Goss is a senior at UWT, and is currently the managing editor at the Tacoma Ledger. She is majoring in Environmental Sustainability with a focus in Law & Policy, where she hopes to pursue a career in conservation and sustainable farming. She is an enthusiastic PCD volunteer, attends church as much as she can, and uses her spare time to catch up on reading with her two cats.

Garrett Yaen – News Editor

Garrett Yaen is the News Section Editor. He is pursuing a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  Upon graduation, he will use his education and become a Certified Public Accountant. He plans on working as a Tax Consultant. Garrett studied Political Science at Highline College before transferring to UWT. In his free time, Garrett likes researching random things and writing in his journal. He enjoys playing the violin, shooting his bow, boxing and playing games. He is Korean-American and loves dogs and cats.

Andrea Nadal – Opinion Editor

Andrea Nadal is a Senior at UWT majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences with a concentration in Global Studies and minors in Religious Studies and Criminal Justice. Study abroad trips have been an integral part of her education. She is of Puerto Rican descent and is currently learning Spanish to better connect with her family. She is also passionate about Activism and is one of two Co-Chairs for the Progressive Student Union. Artistic expression has long been a pastime of hers, be it Poetry, Short Stories, Painting, or Photography – as the Opinion Editor she has space to continue to explore her own experience, while also helping others to better share theirs.

Madeline Hiller – A&E Editor

Madeline Hiller is a Sophomore at UWT majoring in Environmental Sustainability for Business. She has gone to school in Tacoma her entire academic career and wouldn’t have it any other way. In her downtime, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and volunteering in various places. Other hobbies include acting, singing, and spending time with her small poodle, Carly.

Daniel Nash – Publications Manager

Daniel Nash is a staff adviser to the student newspaper the Ledger and the literary journal Tahoma West. A 14-year resident of the Pacific Northwest, he studied Communication at the University of Washington Tacoma. As a student, he edited the News section of the Ledger and contributed to two editions of Journalist, a US-Russian global affairs magazine produced by students of UW Tacoma and Moscow State University’s Department of Journalism. From 2009-2017, he wrote for and edited several community newspapers, including the Courier-Herald, the Bellevue Reporter, the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter, the Eastside Scene, City Living Seattle, and the Madison Park Times. He currently lives in Tacoma with his fiancee and their cat.


Morgan Morgans – Web & Layout Manager

This is Morgan’s second year studying at UWT. They have not declared a major yet, however they currently study Art, Media and Culture with emphasis on visual and performing arts. Their passions are sewing, reading and creative writing. In their free time, they work on Star Wars costumes for Saber Guild, choreographing and rehearsing lightsaber fights or reading a good book with a cup of tea.


Rosie Mendoza-Bautista – News Reporter

Rosie Mendoza-Bautista is a sophomore at UWT and is a news reporter for the Tacoma Ledger. She’s a transfer student from Tacoma Community College. At UWT, Rosie is getting ready to claim Psychology as her major. On the side, Rosie takes a role in UW USAS and the First Generation Fellows Cohort. As for her hobbies, Rosie likes to draw, journal, read, play animal crossing or write to the several pen-pals she has.


Bengisu Cicek – Opinion Columnist

Bengisu Incetas is a junior at UWT and is an opinion columnist at the Tacoma Ledger. Her major is Law & Policy, with a minor in Human Rights, where she advocates for incarcerated and oppressed groups. She enjoys painting cultural embroideries and historical locations in Turkey, and in her free time, she loves to sightsee Seattle, go to cute coffee shops, and educate herself on different cultures.

Madi Williams – Opinion Columnist

Madi Williams is a senior at UWT and is an Opinion columnist for the Tacoma Ledger, and is majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a minor in Gender and Sexuality studies and currently working on a Criminal Justice minor as well. A dream job after UWT would be to mix the love of writing, true crime, and helping others in bad situations like domestic violence or addiction all into one. In her downtime, she likes to bake, listen to podcasts like Crime Junkie, watch true crime documentaries, read crime and psychological thriller books with her cats.


Brooks Moeller – Sports Columnist

Brooks is a junior at UWT studying Marketing. This will be his 2nd year as the sports columnist for the Ledger. In his free time, Brooks likes to play basketball and PS4 with the boys. His future plans include receiving his degree and beginning a career in the sports business industry.

Henry Nguyen – Film Critic

Henry Nguyen is a senior at UWT studying communications with a research focus. This will be his first year writing as a film critic for the Ledger. Upon graduating, he would like to continue pursuing a career in news and/or broadcasting. Henry loves all kinds of arts and you will find him watching films, listening to music, and researching art and fashion history.

Lore Zent- A&E Reporter

Lore is a senior at UWT studying Communications with a minor in Law & Policy.  They specialize media ethics and criticism.  They also hold an advanced diploma in Game Art & Animation from AIE Seattle. Upon graduating they hope to go into a career in cyberpsychology or be a Producer in the Television and Game Industry. Lore is also very passionate about activism inside their community and is President of the ACLU UWT Chapter on campus. Their passion for their studies and activism often overlap, as they hope produce media that will shift the narrative for a better future. They also enjoy comics, writing comics, gardening, hiking and spending time with their cat, Peaches.


Natalie Peyton – Page Designer/Photographer

Natalie is a junior transfer student at UWT majoring in Environmental Sustainability and enjoys designing pages and being submerged in the professional world of information. She also has a big green thumb and expands her home garden every season to accommodate more varieties of berries, fruits and vegetables. Her career goals are aimed toward sustainable agriculture and food systems, and in five years she sees herself residing in a self-built a-frame on wooded acreage near the mountains, hot springs, and rivers of Eugene, Oregon with her incredible partner and their two mischievous cats, Gus and Cheeseburger.

Phong Nguyen – Page Designer

Phong Nguyen is an international student at UWT. Phong is a new Page Designer for the Ledger. He is majoring in Accounting at Milgard School of Business. He enjoys playing soccer, hiking, jet skiing, swimming, taking pictures and traveling. This will be his last year in Washington; therefore, he hopes to make the most out of it.

Nickolus Patraszewski – Photographer

Nickolus Patraszewski (they/them pronouns) is a junior transfer at UWT. Studying Creative Writing Studies, and passionate about many things, including their photography, writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and looking their best. In their down time, they listen to music as much as they can, and spend time either on assignment or in the company of friends.

Lore Zent- Illustrator