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The Tacoma Ledger is the independent weekly collegiate newspaper of The University of Washington Tacoma. All content is generated by Ledger-employed student journalists currently enrolled at UWT. The Ledger strives to adhere to student interests and local news. UWT Administration, student organizations, and students and clubs exercise no editorial control over the publication. Funding is provided through the UW Tacoma Services and Activities Fee and supplemented by advertising revenue.


Steph Caronna – Editor in Chief

Steph Caronna (they/them) is an Education major in their junior year. Having previously written for the Ledger in News and Arts & Entertainment, they are incredibly excited to contribute even further to informing the UWT community of local issues. They are proudly trans, non-binary and Jewish. Their hobbies and interests include social justice, music, poetry, literature, film, and history. They live in Tacoma with their dog, Butters.  

Karla Pastrana – Managing Editor 

Karla Santiago Pastrana (she/her) is a senior who is majoring in Writing Studies and minoring in Latinx Studies. As a first-gen Chicana she strives to help her community in any way she can through community services, advocating, and representation. When she isn’t editing for the Ledger, buried in classwork, or with the community she is writing creatively, drawing, working on cosplay, or running around downtown Seattle.   

 – News Editor 


Celia Williams – Opinion Editor 

Celia Williams (she/her) is 19 and a senior at UWT majoring in Writing Studies, with the goal of transferring to UW Seattle to major in English. She is a story writer and barista when she’s not on campus. As a student, writer, and barista she can almost always be found at Starbucks. She enjoys hiking and reading during her free time and taking her dog with her wherever she goes.

Rachel Meatte – A&E Editor 

Rachel Meatte (she/her) is a senior at UWT majoring in film with an undergraduate in writing. She is passionate about telling meaningful stories that move people. Her goal is to write and direct her own films one day. In her spare time when she’s not juggling work and school, she is helping at the Tacoma Buddhist Temple or walking dogs at the Pierce County Humane Society as a volunteer. She enjoys hiking, playing chess and walking her dogs.  

Daniel Nash – Publications Manager 

Daniel Nash is the staff adviser to the Ledger, as well as the literary journal Tahoma West. He studied Communication at the University of Washington Tacoma, graduating in 2009. As a student, he edited the News section of the Ledger and contributed to two editions of Journalist, a US-Russian global affairs magazine produced by students of UW Tacoma and Moscow State University’s Department of Journalism. He wrote for and edited several Western Washington community newspapers before returning to UW Tacoma in 2017. He lives in Tacoma with his wife. 



Francisco Plaza – Ad Manager 


OPEN POSITION – Circulation Manager & Layout/Content Manager  



Raghvi Baloni – News Reporter 



Benjamin Fredell – Opinion Columnist 




Heidi Ortiz – A&E Columnist  

Heidi (she/her) is a senior at UWT pursuing a master’s in creative writing and a minor in business. She moved to WA from her home country of Puerto Rico to follow her dreams of becoming a professional published writer. She has a passion for fashion, ballet, and the goth subculture. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, writing poetry, playing Baldur’s Gate 3 and cuddling with her cat, Angel. 


Cameron Berrens – Photographer 

Cameron Berrens is a current junior at the University of Washington Tacoma Campus, working on two bachelor’s degrees in computer science and urban studies. Between balancing his full-time class schedule, Cameron enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and ultimate frisbee. While Cameron enjoys taking photos with a digital camera, his real passion comes from shooting images with a film camera. If you spot him out in the open with a funky-looking camera, the probability the camera is made in the 20th century is quite high. Don’t be afraid to talk to him about his film cameras, he will have answers to any wild camera question. 

Cole Martin – Illustrator