About Us

The Tacoma Ledger is the independent weekly collegiate newspaper of The University of Washington Tacoma. All content is generated by Ledger employed student journalists currently enrolled at UWT. The Ledger strives to adhere to student interests and local news. UWT Administration, student organizations, and students and clubs exercise no editorial control over the publication. Funding is provided through UWT Services and Activities Fees, and is supplemented with advertising revenues.


Madeline Hiller – Editor in Chief

Madeline Hiller is wrapping up her senior year at UWT majoring in Environmental Sustainability with a minor in Criminal Justice. She has gone to school in Tacoma her entire academic career and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a First Gen student, advocate for LGBTQ+ people, and is passionate about helping people in any way she can. In her downtime, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and volunteering. Other hobbies include acting, singing, and spending time with her dog, Carly.

Josephine Trueblood – Managing Editor

Josephine Trueblood is a senior at UWT, majoring in Management with a minor in Global Engagement. She is a musician and songwriter and can often be found at local music venues. She enjoys tea, finding niche ‘60s albums and repairing vintage clothing.

Destiny Valencia – News Editor

Destiny Valencia (she/her) is a senior at UWT, majoring in Communications. She transferred from Tacoma Community College where she previously worked on the literary magazine for TCC, Trillium, and was last year’s Non-fiction editor for UWT’s 2021-2022 edition of Tahoma West. She has many hobbies and interests but you can often find her reading a good book, watching movies/TV shows, listening to Lady Gaga, eating a nice bowl of Pho, or cuddling with her two cats Mister Mistoffelees and Gizmo.

Celia Williams – Opinion Editor

Celia Williams (she/her) is 19 and a senior at UWT majoring in Writing Studies, with the goal of transfering to UW Seattle to major in English. She is a story writer and barista when she’s not on campus. As a student, writer, and barista she can almost always be found at Starbucks. She enjoys hiking and reading during her free time and taking her dog with her wherever she goes.

Kiarra Blakely-Russell – A&E Editor

Kiarra, and doesn’t care much for pronouns but does respect other people who do. Kiarra is  a senior here at the UW Tacoma campus who is majoring in Arts, Media and Culture. She enjoys art, music, and being around her cats. A favorite side hobby of hers is writing on her blog in her spare time.

Daniel Nash – Publications Manager

Daniel Nash is the staff adviser to The Tacoma Ledger and the literary journal Tahoma West. He studied Communication at the University of Washington Tacoma, graduating in 2009. As a student, he edited the News section of the Ledger and contributed to two editions of Journalist, a US-Russian global affairs magazine produced by students of UW Tacoma and Moscow State University’s Department of Journalism. From 2009-2017, he wrote for and edited several community newspapers, including the Courier-Herald, the Bellevue Reporter, the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter, the Eastside Scene, City Living Seattle, and the Madison Park Times. He lives in Tacoma with his wife.


Andrew Anderson – Web & Layout Manager

Andrew Anderson (he/they) is a junior at UWT and is working on his degree in Writing Studies for the Technical Writing track. Andrew transferred to the Tacoma Campus of UW from a community college in Illinois after previously living in Kentucky and loves nothing more than to build something new from the ground up. Having worked on The Tacoma Ledger last year as a News Editor and Reporter, this year Andrew is taking on the role of Web and Layout manager. For his hobbies he enjoys collecting stuffed animals, playing mobile app games, and writing fanfiction.

Raj Kumar – Distribution Manager & Copy Editor

Raj is pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science and Systems at UWT and is set to graduate this Spring 2023 quarter. He has varied interests, some of which include mixed martial arts, cooking and writing for his blog. An avid follower of an active lifestyle, he can be seen frequenting the Y and skate parks.

Shivakshi Singh – Advertising Manager

Shivakshi is a Graduate student pursuing MS in Business Analytics at UWT. She is originally from India where she has worked for more than 4 years in different sectors. She is an inquisitive person and a quick learner and loves to work with data. She loves to read books, travel to new places and connect with new people.

AJ Pioquinto – Circulation Manager


Katie Scott – News Reporter


Ruth Ogden – Opinion Columnist

Ruth (she/her) is a senior at UWT majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with minors in Human Rights, Global Engagement, and Innovation and Design. She is a first generation college student and spends a lot of time on campus participating in student government and student engagement activities. When she gets free time, she likes to take naps with her cats and go on hot girl walks. Her most recent hobbies are gardening and cake decorating. She is an avid coffee drinker and collects vintage cook books.

Heidi Ortiz – Opinion Columnist 

Heidi (she/her) is a junior pursuing a Master’s in Creative Writing and two minors in Marketing & Ballet. She moved to WA from her home country of Puerto Rico to follow her dreams of becoming a professional writer and dancer. She is very proud of her roots, and encourages others to freely express their individuality through art. In her free time, she enjoys playing games on her Switch, writing poetry, practicing her makeup skills, putting together killer outfits and cuddling with her kitty, Angel. She’s currently hoping to collect the entire Chainsaw Man manga series, and is looking forward to the anime’s second season.


Cole Martin – A&E Columnist

Emilia Bell – Film Critic

Emilia (she/her) is a senior at UW Tacoma and is majoring in Writing Studies, with the Creative Writing track. She is also attempting to minor in Paleobiology because dinosaurs are a passion of hers. She is excited to be the film critic this year because all parts of the movie making process have always fascinated her. She often found herself creating movie ideas with friends and family from a young age. Watching movies has consistently been one of her favorite hobbies, as well as writing stories, singing, and painting.


Anuvir Dhaliwal – Page Designer

Anuvir Dhaliwal (she/her) is a sophomore at UWT. Interested in the Computer Science and Information Technology department, she wants to have a career focused on User Experience design. Her favorite things include eating at local restaurants, travelling to new places, playing video games, and facetiming her family and friends. Her favorite show is New Girl and she loves Marvel movies. She also loves spending time with her cat, Sera.

Leslie McLam – Page Designer

Alexa Christie – Photographer

Alexa Christie (she/her) is a senior at UWT majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and minoring in Global Engagement. She enjoys learning and researching languages, and hopes to make language revitalization a part of her future studies and career. In her free time, she enjoys photography, watching The Office for the umpteenth time, and completing Italian and German lessons on Duolingo.

 Stevie Esteban – Illustrator

Stevie Esteban (she/they) is a senior at UWT majoring in Law and Policy and minoring in Global Engagement and Human Rights. They hope to go on to study in law school for international human rights after graduating in June 2023. Her preferred physical medium for art is gouache, watercolor, and ink. Digital art has slowly become a new favorite. They also enjoy hanging out with dogs, crocheting beanies, and snowboarding in her free time. Catch her on the slopes at Snoqualmie or Crystal Mountain!