About Us

The Ledger is the independent weekly collegiate newspaper of The University of Washington Tacoma. All content is generated by Ledger employed student journalists currently enrolled at UWT. The Ledger strives to adhere to student interests. UWT Administration, student organizations, and students and clubs exercise no editorial control over the publication. Funding is provided through UWT Services and Activities Fees, and is supplemented with advertising revenues.


Madeline Hiller – Editor in Chief

Madeline Hiller is wrapping up her junior year at UWT majoring in Environmental Sustainability for Business. She has gone to school in Tacoma her entire academic career and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a First Gen student, advocate for LGBTQ+ people, and is passionate about helping people in any way she can. In her downtime, she enjoys watching movies, traveling, and volunteering in Search and Rescue. Other hobbies include acting, singing, and spending time with her dog, Carly.

Madi Williams – Managing Editor

Madi Williams is a senior at UWT and is the Managing Editor for the Tacoma Ledger, and is majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Psychology with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Criminal Justice minor as well. A dream job after UWT would be to mix the love of writing, true crime, and helping others in bad situations like domestic violence or addiction all into one. In her downtime, she likes to bake, listen to podcasts like Crime Junkie, watch true crime documentaries, read crime and psychological thriller books with her cats.

Garrett Yaen – News Editor

Garrett Yaen is the News Section Editor. He is pursuing a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.  Upon graduation, he will use his education and become a Certified Public Accountant. He plans on working as a Tax Consultant. Garrett studied Political Science at Highline College before transferring to UWT. In his free time, Garrett likes researching random things and writing in his journal. He enjoys playing the violin, shooting his bow, boxing and playing games. He is Korean-American and loves dogs and cats.

Remi Frederick – Opinion Editor

Remi Frederick is the Opinion Editor. She is a senior and will be graduating this spring quarter with a BA in Communications. Her passion is advocating for many controversial causes like human rights and climate change. She is a major nerd and can be found rewatching Star Wars or Harry Potter with tea and her two cats by her side. She also enjoys writing, reading, and playing video games.

Josephine Trueblood – A&E Editor

Josephine Trueblood is a junior at UWT majoring in Management and minoring in Global Engagement. Her emphasis remains on the arts in all her classes, constantly mixing her interest in business and globalization with music and entertainment. She is a musician and songwriter and can often be found at local music venues and The Grand Cinema. She enjoys giving good restaurant recommendations, baking vegan desserts, finding niche ‘60s albums and vintage clothing repair.

Daniel Nash – Publications Manager

Daniel Nash is a staff adviser to the student newspaper the Ledger and the literary journal Tahoma West. A 14-year resident of the Pacific Northwest, he studied Communication at the University of Washington Tacoma. As a student, he edited the News section of the Ledger and contributed to two editions of Journalist, a US-Russian global affairs magazine produced by students of UW Tacoma and Moscow State University’s Department of Journalism. From 2009-2017, he wrote for and edited several community newspapers, including the Courier-Herald, the Bellevue Reporter, the Issaquah-Sammamish Reporter, the Eastside Scene, City Living Seattle, and the Madison Park Times. He currently lives in Tacoma with his fiancee and their cat.


Morgan Morgans – Web & Layout Manager

This is Morgan’s third year studying at UWT. They are currently studying Art, Media and Culture with a focus on comparative arts. Their passion is sewing, graphic design and lightsaber choreography/performing. In their free time, they love to work on Star Wars costumes for Saber Guild, choreographing and rehearsing lightsaber fight scenes or reading a good book with a cup of tea.

Raj Kumar – Distribution Manager

Raj began pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Systems at UWT this fall quarter. He has varied interests, some of which include mixed martial arts, cooking and writing for his blog. An avid follower of an active lifestyle, he can be seen frequenting the Y and at skate parks. Currently, he is pursuing his childhood dreams of playing the drums and learning how to skateboard. He would like to pursue snowboarding next.

 – Advertising Manager


Abi McCarthy – News Reporter

Abi is a news reporter for the Tacoma Ledger. She is in her last year of Ethnic, Gender, and Labor studies and is hoping to continue her education here at UWT in the social work program. Having been born and raised in Arizona, she is still getting used to the PNW’s rainy climate even after several years of living here. On days she’s able to get over the rain and cold, she likes to swim, ride her bike, and run with her dog. On other days, she likes to read, watch documentaries about ancient history, and get caught up with work.

Kaytlyn Ruff –  News Reporter

Kaytlyn is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. After completing her Bachelor’s, she plans to start working on her Master’s Degree. Her overall career goal is to become a counselor for adults or a Psychology professor. In her free time, she likes to cook and bake, watch movies, and listen to music.


Alex Buckingham – Opinion Columnist

Alex is an opinion writer pursuing a master of science in nursing with the intention to teach. His topical writing interests include the US empire, racism, gender oppression, and struggles for liberation. Alex thinks we should expropriate the expropriators and democratically organize a just society. His writings reflect these opinions and ideas. Alex enjoys riding his bicycle, exploring the puget sound region, and reading.

Anthony Krejci – Opinion Columnist

Anthony Krejci is an opinion writer at The Ledger. He transferred to UW Tacoma after completing his associates at Tacoma Community College last spring, and is pursuing a degree in History with the intention to teach and work as a author of historical fiction. When not studying or writing, Anthony is a skilled artist with some success and an experienced backpacker. Anthony is very concerned about private interests eroding democratic values, and the irreparable damage which is being done to the wild places of the world. He firmly believes we can be better and that the dream of Starfleet can be a reality if everyone believes it too.


Angelo Alegre – A&E Columnist

Angelo Alegre (he/him) is an Arts and Entertainment writer at The Ledger. He is a freshman at UW Tacoma who is fresh out of Henry Foss High School and is pursuing a degree in Accounting. Angelo is the first in his immediate family to pursue higher education in the United States. When he is not doing schoolwork/work, Angelo likes to watch shows and movies, listen to all kinds of music, play games and hang out with friends. 

 – Sports Columnist


Ell Hobbs – Film Critic

Ell Hobbs (they/them) is Film Critic at The Ledger. They are a transferred junior at UW Tacoma majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a focus in politics. Ell is a published writer and aptly an active movie-watcher. Their arts experience also spans to visual media, for which they have won multiple awards and had work displayed in both gallery and museum settings. When they are not writing reviews, Ell enjoys painting, watching soccer, and discovering new music.


Trisha Carandang – Page Designer

Trisha Carandang is a senior at UWT majoring in Communications (technical track) and minoring in Innovation and Design. After graduation, she hopes to land a job that focuses on UX/UI design. For leisure, she loves listening to music, covering songs with her guitar, spending time at the park and reading books.

Nickolus Patraszewski – Photographer

Nickolus Patraszewski (they/them pronouns) is a junior transfer at UWT. Studying Creative Writing Studies, and passionate about many things, including their photography, writing, Dungeons & Dragons, and looking their best. In their down time, they listen to music as much as they can, and spend time either on assignment or in the company of friends.

Jaida Noble – Illustrator

Jaida Noble (she/her) is a senior at UWT majoring in Arts, Media, and Culture with a minor in Global Engagement. A natural homebody, she spends her free time working on personal projects, completing puzzles, doing manicures, and watching YouTube videos.