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Top 4 horror video games that need to be played

It’s that time of year again: The time when things go bump in the night. Halloween has arrived and here are some of the scariest games that must be played on such a creepy night.


Released back in 2007 for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and in 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, “Bioshock” still remains a staple in the first-person shooter genre. The game was and still is praised for its perfect blend of gameplay and atmosphere. The game is action-packed with its resource-scrounging gameplay and first-person mechanics, but it is most remembered for the horrific atmosphere of its submerged city — Rapture. A failed attempt to create an underwater utopia, its citizens have become feral due to their addiction to a substance known as Adam. If you haven’t already, you must play this game — it’s a total classic and perfect for Halloween.

  1. “OUTLAST”

A first-person run-and-hide video game, “Outlast” was released back in 2013 and met with various levels of criticism. Some loved the game for the setting and the utter sense of dread it left players in, while others complained about the repetitive nature of the gameplay. But one thing both fans and critics can agree on is the tense, depressing atmosphere. The game takes place in Mount Massive Asylum. When players first enter the building they immediately feel as though things aren’t right, and the feeling of unease is further cemented as they play the game. The exposure is one of the shining aspects of this game and why it is a perfect example of the Halloween spirit.

  1. “P.T.”

“P.T.” is not a released game. It was a playable teaser for a new “Silent Hill” game developed by the former Kojima Studios and film director Guillermo Del Toro. However, the game was pulled from development by Konami. The playable teaser had various horror elements in it. It was tense, suspenseful and, most importantly, horrific. The teaser was very simple: just walk down the same hallway repeatedly. However, as it continued, things began to break away from reality. Various elements in the hallway would change and distort. The game pushes the player and tests their ability to stay composed. Sadly though, the demo is no longer available to download. But if possible, find a friend who still has it downloaded and play it with them.

  1. “DEAD SPACE 2”

A space station in the middle of nowhere, filled to the brink with zombie- like monsters — what could be better? “Dead Space 2” is a game that perfectly blends third-person shooting, survival and horror into one package. The atmosphere of the game is utterly depressing as the player is thrown into an immediate situation of meltdown. The once-thriving space station is now falling apart from the inside. Necromorphs (zombie-like monsters) are menacing as well. There are various different Necromorphs. Some are hulking behemoths while others are small, leaping baby monsters that try to devour your head. The game is terrifyingly fun with a large assortment of thrills and scares that will have your hair standing straight up.