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Make your Halloween a spooktacular event

Whenever the month of October rolls around, we all are thinking the same thing — the Washington rain won’t let up, and the Halloween pop-up shops have taken over the town. But not to fret! Make your Halloween ex­perience more enjoyable with our top activities around the Tacoma area. Each of these three locations are must-gos for maximum spooky fun. So get to planning your pumpkin filled day!


Spooner Farms — open every day through Oct. 31 — is the type of pump­kin patch families attend per tradition. It has that homey feel only a farm es­tablished all the way back in 1882 could have.

Each year they have 49 different types of picture-esque pumpkins, gourds and squash lined across the grounds, with parents, kids and couples snapping shots at every turn. If you’ve ever been here, you know what I’m talking about!

One of the most popular aspects of Spooner’s Harvest Festival is its an­nual theme — this year’s being “the great American roadtrip.” With each year’s change in theme, they also alter the corn maze and ground decorations to match. So, no matter how many times someone has attended, they al­ways feel as if they’re enjoying a new experience.

The last activity that’s an absolute must is the pumpkin sling shot portion of the farm. Goers buy small pumpkins and literally get to shoot them at objects in a field. And the best part? If you hit a target, a winner alarm goes off around the farm, alerting everyone of your success. Along with bragging rights, winners are also awarded one ginor­mous pumpkin.


Wild Waves Theme & Water Park’s Fright Fest — open each weekend through Oct. 29 — has just enough scare to ensure a spook-tacular Halloween. Fright Fest not only has more than 25 rides available to ride in the dark, but also two themed haunted houses and one haunted walk in the woods.

Chamber of Souls, located in the water park, features what the park likes to call “blood, gore and bone chilling scares.” Goers must maneuver their way through different medical trage­dies, dead bodies and the park favorite: a zombie apocalypse. This haunted house currently holds a PG-13 rating, so be prepared for some teenage-ap­propriate horror.

Playground 3D, located in Lumber­jack Falls, is Fright Fest’s version of an “American Horror Story: Freak Show” nightmare. Goers must maneuver through a black light funhouse while dawning park-provided 3D glasses. Watch out for what Fright Fest de­scribes as “creepy carnies and clowns!”

Camp Whispering Pines, located in the Cascade Picnic area, is their signature haunted trail with traces of 1980’s “Friday the 13th.” The grounds are littered with dead campers that Fright Fest claims “checked in but never checked out.” And the guides of the trail are perfect — tortured camp counselors.

Though, don’t fret if a family Hal­loween night is in your cards. Fright Fest has a place specifically dedicated to family fun: Booville. This section of the park is dedicated to children 12 and under, providing spooky crafts and a nightly dance-a-long.

Fright Fest is truly the ideal place for adult and child October fun, and a staple among the South Sound. So don’t miss out!


Maris Farms — open every day until Oct. 31 — is a place that brings spooky fun from day to dawn. Located in Buckley, this over 10 acre farm has 35 plus attractions, including their sig­nature pumpkin patch and Destruction Zone, where goers can take a thrilling monster truck ride.

This Halloween-y location is a must for anyone looking to get a thrill out of October, and not just the scary kind. Maris Farm boasts obscure activities like duck and pig races, as well as an Old West zombie gallery.

And for goers who have different interests, their nightly activities cater to both traditional and creative fun.

If you’re wanting a calm night, head to the Flashlight Maze where — you guessed it — flashlights are required. This maze can take up to 45 minutes to complete, so don’t be shocked if solv­ing it takes a little extra brain power.

But if you’re looking for a frighten­ingly good time, travel over to The Haunted Woods, which Maris Farms claims to be Pierce County’s “longest and scariest haunted attraction.” These woods are known for maniacal, dressed up workers resembling everything from drill-happy dentists to “The Grudge”-like little girls who crawl out of wells. So if you want an extreme scare, The Haunted Woods are for you.


Kelsie Abram

Kelsie is a senior at UWT and is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Tacoma Ledger. She is double majoring in creative writing and film studies, and has fiction published in the Tahoma West literary arts journal. In her spare time, she enjoys stage managing local Tacoma theater productions and working as a barista at Volcano Coffee in Puyallup.