4 conspiracy theories that catch the eye

Conspiracy theories are fun to talk about, but could some of them hold some truth?

Conspiracy theories are everywhere as some people know all too well but others might not be fully aware about. Either way, diving deep into a conspiracy theory can be a wild ride and some may even leave you questioning what you knew before. Take a look at these theories and see if you agree or disagree and if one is intriguing enough, dive in a little deeper. 

Flat Earth

They call themselves the Flat Earth Society. These individuals believe that the earth is flat and not round as many others believe. If you were to look at a flat earth map the continents are in about the same place but Antarctica is instead on the bottom it is the whole outer rim of Earth, which has similarities to the United Nations logo. 

They have a list of reasons as to why the earth is flat on their website flatearthsociety.org, here are some that I found interesting from the site. “The horizon always rises to meet eye level – which is impossible on a ball earth.The surfaces of bodies of water have been shown to be level. If the Earth was a Globe, this would not be the case.” Further they explain how the curvature can’t be seen from an airplane because “airplane windows serve to distort the view of passengers and make them believe they see curvature when indeed there is none.”

The Flat Earth Society has many other theories as well so if you are interested in exploring this more I suggest you take a look yourself and see what you think. 

The Moon Landing Faked

July 20, 1969 was a big day for the US for bringing the first humans to step on the moon, yet people have been skeptical about it from the start. Many believe that the landing was done at a movie studio based on looking at the images and video from that day. Others look at the pictures that were taken and question why there were no stars and only blackness in the images. 

Even the Flat Earth Society has explanations as to why it was faked, and more evidence that the Earth is flat. Some of those are “During the Cold War we faked the moon landing. Shortly after they realized the reason they could not reach the moon was due to the flatness of the Earth. They were stuck in a lie, and had to continue it or lose legitimacy of our governments. Even today we would still hold onto this lie due to the role science plays in our ruling government.” 

Needless to say, the moon landing leaves us with many questions, and who knows if they will ever be answered. 


There has always been that question of if we are really alone in this universe, and with sightings of UFOs of people seeing lights in the sky appear and then disappear with no explanation. In a Washington Post article “The lonely journey of a UFO conspiracy theorist” talks to Douglas Wilson about his experience with looking for the truth with UFOs. Wilson said “the U.S. government discovered it decades ago and kept it hidden from the public.” Wilson has been digging into UFO cases in his free time to find the truth. 

Wilson brings up that in 1953 there was a program through the CIA that “recommended a “broad educational program” to reduce public interest in UFOs, including through mass media.” This brings the question as to why the government would want people to stop talking about UFOs, is it because they don’t want us to know the truth?

Celebrity Deaths 

The death of a beloved celebrity hits the world hard, but when the death has unanswered questions around it, people will start to question what really happened. The death of Kurt Cobian, the lead singer of Seattle based band Nirvana hit fans hard, but they also found it hard to believe that it was a suicide. Many believe that his wife had him assassinated due to the fact that Cobain was talking about leaving her and taking their child, leaving her alone and with no money.

The death of a beloved president JFK also is surrounded by conspiracies. “The Grassy Knoll” being one where there was a second gunman in the grassy hill that overlooked the area where JFK would be. Another being that the government themselves did it, according to biographer Philip Shenon, that “Apparently Bobby Kennedy’s first suspicion was that it was some rogue element in the CIA,” stated in a Town and Country article by Caroline Hallemann. The article also included that  “CIA leader’s were notably angry with Kennedy over the Bay of Pigs Invasion” which could have been some motive. 

What do you think about these conspiracies? Are you going to dig deeper into the deaths of some of the biggest celebrities? Or are you going to look into the moon landing and if the world really is flat?