Huskies in the HallwaySpotlight

Huskies in the Hallway: 5/7/18

Each week a Ledger staff writer asks their fellow Huskies a question relating to current events. This week, Jenny Lam asked:

Do you think it would be beneficial or non beneficial to incorporate the UPASS fee into tuition?

James Fakhoury,
Freshman, Business Administration:

“I don’t think it would be beneficial, instead
it should be optional because I have a car and
what’s the point.”

Tuyen Tran,
Sophomore, Business Management:

“I don’t think it’s beneficial because lots of
people I know including me don’t use the UPASS
and it’s not fair for us to pay a fee when we don’t
use it at all.”

Christine Paulsen,
Junior, Sust. Urban Development:

“No it’s not beneficial since I have a car why
would I need it.”

Malik Slater,
Senior, Psychology:

“I understand that having the UPASS
encourages people to use public transportation,
however, it is similar to the YMCA fee and people
don’t always use it so having it as a mandatory
fee is a waste of money.”

Robert Ford,
Staff, Market Street Cafe Manager:

“It can be beneficial because it does
encourage transit use which is good for the
community and less carbon footprints as well
as having a well funded transit system.”