Huskies in the hallway: 4/2/18

This week, Christean Jenkins asked five Huskies:

“How much per quarter do you spend on textbooks? Do you think it’s worth it?”


Maria Gonzalez,
Freshman, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies:

“I spend about $90. The most expensive books
are the books I don’t use very much. My
humanities books seem worth it because
we use them a lot.”

Victoria Miles,
Sophomore, Urban Studies:

“I didn’t spend that much on them. If I hadn’t found
a lot of them online they would have been $200
or $300. For that price it wouldn’t be worth it on
top of paying tuition.”

Nancy Do,
Junior, Business Management:

“I would say I pay $100 for my books through
renting. I pretty much think it’s worth it.”

Jesse Coward,
Senior, Technical Communications:

“I pay $80–$180. I don’t really think about the
price. I just do it because I need them.”

Jack Vincent,
Faculty, Sciences and Mathematics:

“I am using open source materials exclusively
for my genetics and genomics course, but
use the standard for my molecular
biology course.”