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Deadline for Childcare Assistance Program approaching fast

UW Tacoma offers financial assistance to students through the Childcare Assistance Program. The deadline to apply for this program is the last day of the spring quarter, after which successful applicants will receive $400 to $600 to use for the caretaking of their child.

The program was launched under the guidance of Childcare and Family Support Services to help aid students with families to balance out their workload without compromising their work or family time. They offer plenty of other resources apart from the Assistance Program, including lactation stations, parental supplies and information on multiple child care locations.

Kristi Soriano-Noceda, a UW alumna who has worked at all three UW campuses and is the current advisor of the Childcare Assistance Program, stressed why the program was needed for UWT students.

“The program started around six years ago by my immediate predecessor,” Soriano-Noceda said. “My predecessor was also a student, and she noticed that there was a definite need for more support for adult learners that had families to take care of.”

Any student attending classes at UWT — part-time or full-time — can apply for the program. However, students that are on tuition exemptions and scholarships aren’t eligible to apply. The applications for Childcare Assistance open every academic year in the second week of September, allowing the program to be offered throughout fall, winter and spring quarters.

Applicants are considered on a first come first serve basis throughout the year. As space is limited, people will have to wait based on the waitlist. Luckily, in the last year all applicants were able to get their desired funding.

For students to be considered for this program, they must have children that are in the care of a state licensed child care provider through the Department of Early Learning. The student must also be the legal guardian of the children, making sure that the minor has been residing with the student at least part time.

“We want adult learners with families to know that their families are just as important as the students,” Soriano-Noceda said. “We are here to support the families, and we started this program to do our best to reduce burden from the students, considering all the academic pressure.”


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