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APRIL FOOLS SPECIAL: “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 2 has been canceled

Shield Hero series to be replaced by the Bow Hero series.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written for our traditional April Fools issue, where none of the articles are serious. Please, do not take this article seriously. Thank you.
-The Tacoma Ledger Staff

The second season of the much-anticipated anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero” that was set to start its broadcast in April 2022 has been canceled. The animation studio behind the show, Kinema Citrus, has chosen to stop all animation production of the “Shield Hero” series on the recommendation of the author, Aneko Yusagi. This is because Yusagi has chosen to start a brand-new series with her favorite character, the Bow Hero.

With the start of the “Bow Hero” series and the end of the “Shield Hero” series, Kinema Citrus has predicted that Bow Hero will gain much more popularity since “bows are much cooler than shields,” and they believe that the new series will “bring in much more revenue for the company,” according to the CEO Muneki Ogasawara. With this idea, it is easy to see why Kinema Citrus would drop the “Shield Hero” series in favor of the upcoming “Bow Hero” series. 

It is a sad thing to learn if you are a Shield Hero fan, but this whole situation will end up giving anime fans more content to enjoy in the future if the launch of the Bow Hero series proves to be more popular than its predecessor. There will not be a long wait for fans of Aneko Yusagi’s work as the Bow Hero series anime is slated to start in July 2022, which is just around the corner. 

Just kidding, April Fools! Fans of the Shield Hero series have nothing to worry about as the anime will begin its broadcast in April 2022. The author Aneko Yusagi has been known to publish works of other heroes, such as the Spear Hero books, but she won’t be stopping production of the Shield Hero series anytime soon. 

If you plan to watch the upcoming season of “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” it is available to stream in April 2022 on Crunchyroll.