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New food on campus coming Spring Quarter

UWT finally listened to students and gave us more food options.

With a new quarter comes new amenities. We are happy to report that food and drinks that are not found on Pacific Ave. are coming back to campus. 

Some seniors might remember that’s where Charles & Terry Gourmet Chinese food used to be in the Mattress Factory by the Dawg Den. In this space, Infinite Soups will fill students’ stomachs and warm their bodies during those cold spring days. There will be vegan and vegetarian options that will change daily.

Another place that will have a large food section will be the underground tunnels to the underwater campus. Within these tunnels, students and staff will have access to Greek, Mexican and Indian foods at affordable prices. Along with these affordable prices, the containers your food will come in will keep your food hot and fresh and are leakproof!

Mad Hat Tea will also be coming to campus for those students who enjoy tea over coffee. The shop will be located on the third floor of the Mattress Factory. This shop will allow students to access a high-class tea experience, including extensive sampling before choosing the ones they want to drink in classes. 

This would be a great addition to the school by having more food options on campus, but sadly this is an April Fools joke. Students and staff are stuck with the same decision of choosing sandwiches or pizza if you forgot your lunch at home.