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New Friends in UWT offices

The Ledger is getting something new in its office during spring quarter.

UWT is now allowing offices to have an office pet; it can be any type as long as the pet is not disruptive to the other offices around it. The email sent out to offices specifies this as, “The animal cannot be barking/meowing/chirping continuously and needs to be trained to use the animal bathrooms that are being installed the second week of spring quarter.”

This brings joy to some people in the offices because they have grown used to being home with their pets over the pandemic and have come to miss their pets and the stress relief an animal brings them. On top of it all, animals are just cute. Who wouldn’t want an office pet?

The Ledger agrees that having an office pet will benefit the office and help the staff if they are feeling stressed during the quarter. After a vote from the office staff, The Ledger is going to be having an office cat. 

The Ledger office is a perfect space to have a cat. Not only do we have endless amounts of papers for the cat to play with, the office also has paper clips, rubber bands and pens to knock off tables. The cat would have seven computer keyboards to lay on while others are using the computer. The best activity the cat would get to experience is knocking mugs of tea or coffee off the tables since many of The Ledger staff live off of some type of hot caffeinated drink.

The Ledger staff can not wait to have their office cat with them this spring quarter, they can’t wait to share the cat’s story on the website where the office cat will have its own blog about life as an office cat. The website for the blog is www.thetacomaledger/office-cat-blog/APRIL-FOOLS 

Yes this is an April Fools joke. There will be no office pets anywhere on campus as much as some of us wish there were.