UWT celebrates culture and diversity at Around the World

The Office of Global Affairs will be hosting Around the World Jan. 16, in William W. Philip Hall 11 a.m.–2:30 p.m. The fair aims to enrich students on the variety of cultures that contribute to the diversity at UWT, as well as assist students in exploring different programs that will expand their learning in an­other country.

“The purpose of Around the World is to highlight global learning oppor­tunities available to students, while also celebrating the cultural wealth our international and domestic students bring to our campus,” Diaz said. “We decided it was important to come to­gether as an office and host a single event that highlights the diverse glob­al and local experiences we are involved in and offer each year.”

The fair will showcase eight study abroad programs that will be in Italy, Brazil, Gambia, China, Spain and the Netherlands. The programs are set for summer and early fall of 2019, as well as winter and spring quarters of 2020 — running the majority of the academic year. Various program directors will be present to introduce the programs to students and answer questions. The Of­fice of Global Affairs will also be present at the event.

The Around the World fair will also feature tables presenting a few countries of interest with information about each — such as region, language, culture, food, music, dance and art.


“The intent is for students to share … their country, culture, or other identities or topics in a way that is comfortable to them and allows them to lead the dia­logue,” Diaz said. “Whether this is through connecting with other students from different or similar cultural back­grounds, or meeting the professors of a study abroad program they are inter­ested in, students should come to Around the World to explore all of the wonderful ways to diversify and even globalize their UWT experience.”

This cultural celebration aims to in­clude everyone, as anyone can contribute by hosting a table at the event to share their cultural identity. The Office of Global Affairs also sees Around the World as an opportunity for students to mingle and immerse themselves into and learn about different cultures.


“Study abroad deeply enriches your academic experience,” Diaz said. “Not only do you gain global and diverse experiences which will be helpful to have in one’s future career and/or grad­uate school, but you will learn so much about yourself.”

Short term study abroad programs are offered annually in summer and early fall and range from two weeks to two months. These programs can also be covered by scholarships and financial aid. The Office of Global Affairs encourages students to learn more about the many resources that could help make their study abroad journey possible.

“A high percentage of students on our campus use financial aid, so this is super important!” Diaz said. “I’d … like stu­dents to know that the Office of Global Affairs is here to support them through­out their entire study abroad process.”

The Around the World fair will have resources for prospective study abroad students. For more information, the Of­fice of Global Affairs offers walk-in advis­ing hours and one-on-one appointments, which can be booked on the Office of Global Affairs website. study-abroad-programs