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UWT announces Dubs’ new rival mascot: “Stinky”

The stuffed animal’s name was chosen to honor the historic “Tacoma Aroma”.

After seeing the love and admiration shown to all fourteen of UW Seattle’s adorable live Alaskan Malamutes, UW Tacoma has finally decided to adopt a mascot. Joe Lawless, UW Tacoma’s Chief Strategy Officer said “rather than adopting a live mascot, we believe that choosing an ethically-sourced, sustainable plush toy better reflects our campus’ focus on social responsibility.” With great excitement, UW Tacoma is happy to introduce “Stinky,” the loveable, slightly-used Husky stuffed animal discovered in South Tacoma’s Thrift City. 

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Mentha Hynes-Wilson, said “we knew it was time to introduce a mascot after UW Bothell’s roaring success with ‘Brian,’” a Husky-Chihuahua mix with a lot of personality. 

From Frosty in 1922 to Dubs in 2018, UW clearly takes great pride in naming their mascots. UW Tacoma Chancellor Sheila Edwards Lange said “we wanted to choose a name that reflected this vibrant, eclectic and historic city – a truly Tacoma name.” After great debate: “Stinky” was selected to represent the Tacoma Aroma, a sulfuric and industrial scent which has adorned the air of Grit City since the 1940s. Other possible names included Frisko, Ivan and Destiny. 

While models were considered from Warmies, Pillowpet and Squishmallow, ultimately it was Stinky’s unique charm that won the hearts of the Chancellor’s office. Lawless said “you can get a brand-new husky toy at any old UW bookstore…only Stinky truly represents the UWT experience: secondhand and sometimes forgotten.” UW Tacoma has entrusted the Tahoma West Literary Arts Magazine to take care of this sweet, plush creature. You can spend more time with Stinky at the magazine headquarters during Spring Quarter, located in the Mattress Factory (MAT) building. Unfortunately, this emotional support Husky is just an April Fools joke.