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New campus to open 2024

A new campus meant to be the sister location of UW Tacoma will open under the Puget Sound in 2024.

While funding and budgeting has been strict among all University of Washington campuses, UW has recently announced that they will be opening a new underwater campus that will overlap and share classes with the Tacoma campus.

This decision, while not supported by all staff and board members, was endorsed by the Chancellor in an email sent out to faculty to inform them of the upcoming changes. 

“This will be a big change, but we feel that it is our responsibility and duty to expand our students’ horizons,” the Chancellor explained in the email, “Construction will begin on April 1 and we’re hopeful the campus will be opened in 2024.”

The campus will be accessible from Union Station just outside of the Tacoma campus. A series of underground tunnels will lead to the school, which will be built in the deepest point of Puget Sound. The campus will specialize in oceanography classes with a new array of labs that will be able to look up into the waters of Puget Sound.

Students, when questioned about the change, seemed generally positive. 

“Sure! It’d make Oceanography class a lot less boring,” Ariel Triton said when asked her opinion, an Anthropology major with a minor in Ocean Studies, “Plus, it’d be a great chance to study some of the ocean life up close.”

Students interested in learning more will be unable to as this was an April Fool’s joke. This reporter, however, wishes it wasn’t, because an underwater campus sounds totally sick.