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Movies to checkout this summer


By: Henry Nguyen

A24 has always been known for subverting expectations. 2013’s “Spring Breakers” directed by Harmony Korine was a film that looked like a teen flick but was actually an introspective art house film that took many, including me, by surprise. Releasing this summer is a film titled “Zola,” directed by Janicza Bravo, previously known for directing “Lemon.” 

This film is about a Detroit waitress named Zola, played by Taylor Paige. After being convinced to strip in Florida for some cash over the course of a weekend, the trip quickly turns sour as things start to tangle between a nefarious friend, her pimp and boyfriend. The screenplay, based off of a viral twitter thread, only makes this narrative more interesting. 

“Zola,” set to be released at the end of June, looks very stylized and has been described as a “surreal” and “wild ride.” From what I’ve seen so far, it is looking to be all of that and more. Look for it in theatres this summer!