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Video Games to checkout this summer

“Demon’s Souls”

By: Henry Nguyen

As the Playstation 5 makes its very slow and complicated release, the only games that those who were lucky enough to secure a PS5 are its launch titles. This includes a very special and surprising release that has a lot of hardcore gamers waiting in anticipation. Of course, what I’m referring to is the remake of the infamous Playstation 3 exclusive titled “Demon’s Souls.” This time, under the wing of Bluepoint Games, “Demon’s Souls” aims to make its mark in the next generation by providing, once again, a difficult but rewarding experience. 

“Demon’s Souls” for the Playstation 5 is not just a simple port or remaster where the company in charge does the bare minimum in order to get the old game onto the platform. Instead, it’s a complete overhaul of the game’s graphics built from the ground up. Gameplay wise, the game plays exactly the same as the original, besides a couple of quality of life tweaks. So, for gamers who are looking for a true next generation experience with your Playstation 5, this is not it. However, the enhancements that Bluepoint made make sense and really do the game justice. It’s one of the most beautiful games that I’ve seen in the new generation and certainly the most drastic change from an original thus far. 

As a huge fan of the original franchise made by Fromsoftware, I found that Bluepoint did their best to stay as true as possible to the original, and what came out was an enjoyable experience for gamers who are either just getting into games made by Fromsoftware or for returning fans who missed out on the original “Demon’s Souls.” If you are able to score yourself a Playstation 5 please do yourself a favor and check this game out!

MLB The Show 21

By: Brooks Moeller

This year’s edition of “MLB The Show” has proven to easily be one of the best to be released yet. Produced by Sony San Diego, it has remained a Playstation exclusive since its creation in 2005, which limited the popularity of the game. However, this year it was released on Xbox, expanding the game’s reach by a significant margin and raising its popularity. 

The game has always served fans as the most immersive baseball game available to purchase with a variety of game modes to choose from including Road to the Show — where you play as an individual created player through an entire MLB career — Franchise Mode — where you are in total control of a team of you choosing and try to lead them to a World Series championship — and Diamond Dynasty — where you can play with 1000s of current and past players to build the team of your dreams. 

I highly recommend any baseball fan to get their hands on “MLB The Show 21,” especially if you own a next generation console. The content of new players this year is bigger than ever before and the game will only rise in popularity as the MLB season continues.