BSU’s moonlit prom of Black Excellence

After a slight delay, the BSU continues with their plans to throw a prom at the end of Black History month.

UW Tacoma is known for multiple student-run organizations such as the Black Student Union, more commonly referred to as the BSU among staff and students. To celebrate Black History Month the BSU will be hosting, in their words, a “moonlit prom” to wrap up the festivities of the month. 

While the prom was originally scheduled to kick off Black History month, the date was changed to better accommodate students regarding COVID-19 concerns. The BSU, after explaining this in much of their promotional material, also informs students that the prom will have access to a food truck, a photo area, and a DJ for the event. The BSU will, as well, be making handmade corsages and themed masks that will be handed out as keepsakes after the event comes to an end. 

“Our theme,” the BSU promotional Instagram posting says, “is Clair De Lune – Black Excellence. Expect to hear music by Black artists and come in your best dressed! We suggest silver for moonlight, or our BSU colors, black and/or gold to be in theme.” 

Their Instagram, as well as their Twitter, explain how those who wish to attend can purchase their tickets, of which up to 10 can be bought per person. The tickets, which range in price from $50 to $75, can be bought through links which are located in the bios of both social media handles, being @UnionUWT on Twitter and @UWTBSU on Instagram. Up-to-date information on the prom can also be found at either handle.

The BSU have also been careful to adhere to the ongoing COVID-19 precautions, letting others know that there will be social distancing, a guest count capacity limit with guests requiring masks to be worn at all times, and that vaccine cards will be checked before entering the venue. It is recommended, but not required, that those who attend wear filtered masks or double masks. 

For those wishing to attend and celebrate Black History month and Black Excellence, the prom will be held Feb. 26, 2022 at Alma Mater, which is located at 1322 South Fawcett Ave in Tacoma. The prom is planned to be held from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Any in need of accommodation requests related to a disability should, as the BSU instructs, be made by Feb. 10 to The same email is also used for any questions regarding ticket prices, location, or COVID-19 concerns.