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Tacoma Dome hosts Khalid’s ‘Free Spirit World Tour’ to kick off summer

Spitting out music and collaborations with other musical artists this year, American singer and songwriter Khalid brought visually appealing sets and outstanding vocals to the Tacoma Dome on July 7. The R&B/pop musician’s “Free Spirit World Tour” sent off major positivity and good vibes to the packed Dome. This concert offered more than just a good show, but rather a once-in-a-lifetime experience that truly demonstrated Khalid’s raw singing talent, as well as the time and energy to put this together. Let me tell you — the visuals stole the show. 

Khalid’s silky smooth voice singing “Paradise” and “Talk” sounded almost as as clear as listening to his record — singing along was one definite perk of the show. Another was his opening act and special guest Clairo. The lo-fi singer gave an angelic and speedy lineup, with an exceptional performance to her popular song, “Pretty Girl.” 

Khalid soaked the stage visuals with an oceanic aesthetic. Long, sheer curtains surrounded him as he sat in the center under an artificial sunbeam breaking through waves of blue and green. You could barely listen to the music because the visuals were just breathtaking. It showcased the beauty of the Dome’s stage, as well as the time and effort Khalid put into this tour. 

All in all, Khalid’s “Free Spirit World Tour” was epic. The visuals, the opening act, the singing: all of it left the audience in complete awe. If you ever have the chance to see Khalid live — and in the newly renovated Tacoma Dome — then I definitely suggest you splurge on a ticket. This is the definition of a “don’t miss” concert.