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Opening of the Tacoma tunnels

Students and staff will be able to experience Tacomas underground while staying dry and warm during the winter months.

Being a school in the Pacific Northwest, students and staff have to deal with the never ending rain during the rainy season and those surprise rain storms throughout the rest of the year. Due to this, students sometimes come to class soaking wet and at times ruining school supplies.

Since UWT has realized how much of an issue this is for students, the school has decided to open up the tunnels that have been here since the birth of Tacoma. Opening the tunnels will help save students and staff from getting soaking wet from walking from building to building. 

These tunnels will have connections to all the buildings on campus and will even connect to the new tunnel being built for the underwater campus. All the tunnels will enter the buildings at the bottom of the stairwells of each building. Students and staff alike are excited for this new change from UWT since it will help keep students dry and warm with the heaters that will be placed throughout the tunnels during the winter seasons. 

The Chancellor told The Ledger “we are excited about all these new changes that are coming to the campus, and hope that students will take advantage of the tunnels being open not only will it keep students from getting wet, it is also a learning opportunity for students to know about the history of where their campus is.”

Many people do not realize that Tacoma has an underground and the history behind it is super interesting, and it is a different history compared to the Seattle underground that everyone knows about. If you are interested in learning about Tacomas underground a local touring group called  Pretty Gritty Tours has a great video talking about everything!

The Ledger knows that this probably sounds too good to be true, and you are right it is. Happy April Fools! The tunnels are not going to be opening up to save us all from the never ending rain we seem to get here. But the tunnels are real and so is Pretty Gritty Tours and if you really are interested in learning more check out their Facebook or Youtube channel about the Tacoma Underground!