Huskies in the HallwaySpotlight

Huskies in the Hallway: 5/29/18

This week, Fajar Lodhi asked five graduating Huskies their thoughts on the following:

What do you think of graduates decorating their caps? Are you going to do so?

Cameron Eldridge
Senior, Information Technology

“If you have worked this long to reach this point,
you have the freedom to write whatever you feel,
unless it crosses a boundary.”

Tina Hernandez
Senior, Social Welfare

“Me and my friends are choosing quotes from
books that represent our personalities. Mine
is from Harry Potter: ‘Books and cleverness,
there are more important things
— friendships and bravery.’”

Madison Burt
Senior, Social Welfare

“I’ll be choosing a quote from the ‘Fellowship
of the Ring:’ ‘Even the smallest person can
change the course of the future.’”

Danielle Danao
Senior, Health Care Leadership

“I honestly don’t know what I will write, but
I know it’s a way for students to show they
are proud of what they have accomplished.
They can show their background.”

Rizul Jain
Senior, Business Analytics

“I really like this idea, it’s new for me as it
didn’t happen in my university back home.
[I’m going to write:] ‘You don’t have to
change a thing, the world will change
its heart.’”

Fajar Lodhi

A proud Pakistani, Potterhead, & sports fanatic who follows all major sports, Fajar wishes he was king of the North. Some of his favorite teams: Philadelphia Eagles, Manchester United, Chicago Bulls, & Tampa Bay Buccaneers. #Vamos Rafa