Question of the Week: 1/16/18

Every week the Ledger asks a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and a Professor their take on current and upcoming events. this week’s question was:

“If you could study abroad anywhere, where would you go and why?”


Cam Fagering, Freshman:
“It would have to be Spain. I think the culture
is pretty fascinating, and I love Spanish history.”


Jaden Scalpoore, Junior:
“I’d like to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazil
looks like it is a vastly different culture than ours,
and I want to expand my knowledge.”


Cameron Eldridge, Senior:
“I would go to Italy. I think it would be a really
cool place to visit. It has a really cool culture.”


Tim Ofey, Senior:
“Russia. I can speak Russian, and I want to
learn even more about the culture.”


Dr. Ryan Card, Faculty:
“I would love to go to Egypt. I want to see
monuments like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.
It seems like such anexotic place.”