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UWT hosts 15th annual OSCARs

May 11, the University Y Student Center will host the Outstanding Student Ceremony for Awards and Recognition, also known as the OSCARs.

This will be the 15th annual celebra­tion to celebrate hardworking students, staff and faculty. The event is facilitated by the department of Student Engage­ment, who oversees all the arrangements regarding the OSCARs.

Brittany Sanchez-Reed, student pro­grams specialist at the department of Student Engagement, stressed the posi­tive impact of the OSCARs. This is her third year at UWT, and she has estab­lished herself as one of the key coordina­tors of the event.

“Students do incredible work throughout the year and the OSCARs is the space to acknowledge that hard work on a large scale,” Sanchez-Reed said. “Whether students are working toward an OSCAR at the end of the year or not, it is important to build a culture of cel­ebrating one another. In my opinion, that is what the OSCARs is all about.”

The eligibility criteria for nominations differs for each award, as they pertain to different departments, achievements and requirements. The four main awards are Outstanding Student Leader, Outstand­ing Faculty, Outstanding Staff and Cam­pus Impact Award.

Sanchez-Reed believes that the OS­CARs have given students even more motivation to succeed. She believes it allows them to be recognized and ap­preciated by the UWT community for all the hard work they have done.

“This event is to celebrate you and everything you have achieved this year,” Sanchez-Reed said. “Whether your suc­cesses were in the classroom, with your RSO or at your on-campus job, we want to recognize that. I would encourage you to join us for an evening of fun, celebra­tion and community.”


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