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Late Night Study Space Program now active

UW Tacoma has launched a Late Night Study Space Program that will al­low students to continue studying on campus after normal hours. This project was initiated after several requests from students were made for late night access to university buildings for studying and research purposes.

The pilot program will give students access to classrooms and meeting rooms in two buildings — Cherry Parkes and McDonald Smith. Rooms in these two blocks will be open be­tween 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The pilot program will span the spring 2018 quarter, from April 2 to June 8.

This program is being implemented with the collective help of Associated Students of UW Tacoma and Student Engagement. These late hours will be active Monday to Thursday during the week, excluding holidays and emergen­cy closures.

Kristi Soriano-Noceda, a UW alum­na who has worked at all three UW cam­puses and is a program support supervi­sor at the Student Engagement office, was able to explain the need of this program for UWT students.

“We know that UW Seattle campus keeps their library open late night during exams for students to study in,” Soriano- Noceda said. “So, we are pushing the ceiling to give UW Tacoma students to have the similar perks and privileges.”

The program has been inaugurated as a pilot to see how viable it is for UWT. If the program proves to be successful financially and gains the approval of students, then the probability of the program being implemented in future quarters increases.

“There are going to be assess­ments done on the data collected through surveys, testimonials and online request sheets that students fill out,” Soriano-Noceda said. “We will see how many people used this program and take their feedback into consideration for the extension of this program.”

Soriano-Noceda was hopeful that the program will get positive reception from students, claiming it is already showing signs of success. University departments, teachers and students have been working hand in hand to make this program a reality.

“Our campus is growing, and we are all partnering together to make things happen. We are trying new things out and it’s all about innovation,” Soriano-Noceda said. “This is all hap­pening on campus and we all should be proud of the fact that different units in our university are coming together to make this program happen.”

For more information or to apply to request access, visit

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