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UW hosts second Annual Illuminating Autism Benefit Dinner & Auction

Jan. 27, University of Washington Autism Center will be hosting the second Annual Illuminating Autism Benefit Dinner & Auction. The focus of this event is to ensure considerable funds are raised to support various UWAC programs, which assist students and their families affected by autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is classified as a disability that mostly impacts the nervous system, hampering physical movement and impacting brain development. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 2 million Americans are currently impacted by this disorder.

The center was established in Seattle in 2000. They expanded with the clinic in Tacoma to allow more families access to the resources available at UWAC in 2004.

Kathryn Larson, director of operations at UWAC, stated her enthusiasm of being a part of a venture that has helped scores of families in dealing with autism. Larson was quick to highlight the extensive service offered by UWAC, which includes clinical services, providing training to families, increasing public awareness and investing heavily in research of reducing the effects of autism.

Many UW students volunteer and work at the UWAC. Their efforts, help and commitment to contribute positively has allowed the Autism Center to progress throughout the years. Larson was also optimistic about further improvement in training regimes and services, as support for UWAC continues to grow in the community and region.

The Annual Illuminating Autism Benefits Dinner & Auction is a new event that has been explored by UW to gain publicity and financial investment. UWAC has scheduled the Autism Benefits Dinner again after resounding success last year, which allowed them to raise funds and get the much-needed promotion.

Rebecca Ebsworth, chair of the Benefit Dinner Committee and member of the UW Autism Center Advisory Board, claimed that the first edition of this fundraising dinner raised nearly $250,000. With an expected attendance of 180 people this time around, she expects a similar financial turnover.

Ebsworth was quick to thank the large number of volunteers that are participating in making sure the second Autism Benefit Dinner is a huge success. She was extremely vocal in her appreciation for the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, which has contributed around 15 volunteers to aid with the management and working of the event.

Ebsworth also revealed some of the auction items, which comprise of Seattle Art Museum tickets, Seattle Seahawks memorabilia, Seattle Mariners souvenirs, Symphony tickets, Robert Leonard Salon hair products and even a trip to the location of your choice. She envisions much success for this dinner and — in the long run — for the UWAC.

“The UWAC is an amazing place that helps all children and families, and hopefully it will eventually help more adults, who are on the Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Ebsworth said. “Regardless of their income, regardless of what is going on. They try to help every family. The more resources they have, the more families they can help.”

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