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8 Netflix shows to binge watch this winter break


A young boy from Hawkins, Indiana named Will disappears and the whole town must face reckoning forces in order to get him back. Coupled with ’80s throwbacks and the occasional jump scare, “Stranger Things” is an intersection between a-coming-of-age story, a paranormal horror and a nostalgic love letter to ’80s cinema. This October, fans got a treat: “Stranger Things 2” being released on Netflix. The second season is said to fulfill fan expectations and binge-watchers will find that the cast is tossed into a whole new adventure, faced with an alternate dimension within the human world: the Upside Down.

“SENSE8” (2017)

A revolutionary, history-changing series that explores heavy themes and brings in multiple narratives from people of color to the LGBTQ community, unlike any show you’ve ever seen. “Sense8” embraces what it means to be human and is guaranteed to strike a chord for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood. This show follows eight strangers in different parts of the world who experience the same violent vision and then are suddenly connected to each other mentally, emotionally and physically. The newborn cluster of “sensates” are curious to find out what happened and why a mysterious organization continuously tries to hunt them down with the purpose of eliminating their kind. This show will have you gripping the edge of your seat.


Edgy and well-written — this drama showcases students of color navigating the daily affronts and unpredictable politics that come with life at a predominantly white ivy league institution. The series tackles problems that reveal the truth of today’s modern society including racism, classism and identity issues.

“RIVERDALE” (2017)

Based on Archie Comics star and aspiring musician, Archie and his gang navigate high school, love and life in the dark, small town of Riverdale. It’s very intense with far more twists and turns than the comic series. If you’ve grown up reading the comics or are into popular shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” you’ll like “Riverdale.”


Kristen Bell and the afterlife. “The Good Place” is built on an original utopian ideals trickled with bizarre light comedy that can lead to serious thoughts about the world. It follows an ordinary woman by the name of Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) that is sent to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place, where she actually belongs. As the names imply, the Good Place and the Bad Place are similar to heaven and hell but with a modern twist. Determined to stay in the Good Place, Eleanor undergoes lessons of genuine ethic philosophy in an attempt to shed her notorious past way of living. Stick till the end and you’ll be in for a major plot twist.


A series of non-sequential sci-fi cautionary stories about technology, this show tells you how close we are to a tech dominated dystopia. Each episode is different with a new cast and new story — assured to be thought-provoking It will keep you mesmerized for hours. New and original viewers alike will get to cozy up with the series’ fourth season that’s coming soon. Netflix hasn’t released the exact date but they have been releasing trailers for every episode almost every other day, so it should be right on time with the holiday break.


A chemistry high school teacher (Bryan Cranston) diagnosed with cancer joins his former student to manufacture crystal meth to provide everything he can for his family before his time is up. Perfect execution from beginning to end, no filler episodes — just pure drama, brilliance and entertainment. And besides, who doesn’t want to watch the iconic TV dad from “Malcom in the Middle” transform into a drug lord that creates almost 100 percent pure meth?

“THE OFFICE” (2012)

This documentary-style show is comedy gold, literally. A group of office workers, a monumental workplace and a life-changing boss. A hysterically great story about what wonders an average life working in the office 9 to 5 could hold. The show is a rather slow progression, but once you get past the first season, both the show and the characters grow on you


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