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Small YouTube channels with big benefits

With so much content on You- Tube, it is hard to believe that small channels get noticed. Even though these smaller channels don’t have a million subscribers, there are still perks from having some views and subscribers.

YouTuber Lexi Sonovich has been on YouTube for four years. With over 4,500 subscribers, she has experienced some benefits from creating a channel. When asked about why she started her channel, she said, “I was inspired by the makeup community and wanted to be a part of it.” Sonovich has a variety of content. She has done makeup tutorials, vlogs and storytime videos. When she was first starting out, makeup tutorials helped her gain popularity.

One small way YouTube channels make money is through product reviews. As channels gain subscribers, brands start to notice the content. Companies send YouTubers products based on their content, which they receive without charge in exchange for a review. If the product is something that can be tested, some try the product on-camera. If the product is not able to be tested, YouTubers will often talk about their experience with the product, whether it is good or bad. “Companies will often contact me through my personal email for reviews. I have been sent different hair and makeup products, as well as workout supplements,” Sonovich said.

YouTube also uses adsense — advertisement placement through Google. The types of advertisements on a channel are tailored to fit its audience. A beauty video will often advertise makeup and a movie review channel will show a movie trailer. Creators earn money from the amount of views on the different advertisements shown before videos. Small YouTubers often rely on Adsense for a profit. When asked to describe how this process works, Sonovich explained, “It is based on the advertisements. The number of views you get is also a major factor, they go hand in hand. It is all about growing your channel.” Sonovich encourages aspiring YouTubers to “make videos that are highly searched, whether it’s a haul or a makeup tutorial, videos in high demand get views.”

Smaller channels are all over You- Tube, they range from beauty to gaming and even comedy. It doesn’t cost anything to start a channel, just an idea and a Gmail account. Even though these channels may not be as well known, their creators can still benefit from consistent views.