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Top 5 Video Games of 2015

5: Tales from the Borderlands

This game came out late 2014 but most of the content for it came out in 2015 so I’m counting it as a 2015 game. Tales from the Borderlands was created by Telltale Games, the studio behind games such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Borderlands was not known for its narrative but for its gameplay and wacky humor. So it was interesting to see how Telltale was going to pull it off since most of their games are more serious and have a complex plot. And boy did they pull it off. Everything in this game is well executed. From the story to the humor.The game accurately portrays the Borderlands setting while still having the excellent qualities of other Telltale games.This game would be higher on this list, but there are few things holding this game back. Since this is a narrative driven game, there really isn’t a lot of game play. Just walk here then press this, something happens, walk to where it happened, rinse and repeat. Also, you really only need to play the game once to get the full experience which really lowers its value.

Available Platforms: PS4, PS3, XB1, 360, PC, & Mobile

4: Batman: Arkham Knight

Now this game has stirred up a lot of controversy. When this game was released on PC, it was a broken mess. It was completely unplayable due to the amount of bugs and glitches in the game. Luckily I played this game on PS4 so I didn’t have to go through that headache. Developed by Rocksteady studios, Arkham Knight concludes the story that started in Arkham Asylum, the first Batman game in the trilogy. (Well it’s actually 4 games if you count Arkham Origins, but that wasn’t created by Rocksteady.) I had a lot of fun playing this game. Swinging around the city, beating up bad guys and facing villains from the batman universe such as Scarecrow and Two-face was so awesome. The final moments of this game are probably one of my favorite moments in gaming this year. The psychological issues that batman has to go through throughout the game are resolved in such a creative way. However, this game isn’t perfect. It would be higher on the list but this game did have some issues in the game play department that bugged me. Some game play elements, such as the batmobile, are overused, and these sections feel like chores instead of being fun.

Available Platforms: PS4, XB1, & PC

3: Bloodborne

If you like painfully difficult and unfair games, then Bloodborne is perfect for you. I was expecting a lot of good things with Bloodborne. Even though Fromsoft’s previous games, Demon Souls and Dark Souls, infuriated the hell out of me, I still enjoyed them. From the lore to the way the game challenges you and doesn’t hold anything back was a first that I never experienced from any other game. Bloodborne doesn’t disappoint because it adds onto its predecessors with a new setting and various gameplay tweaks that make it feel like a completely different game. Everything in this game is interesting and keeps you invested. There was so much to this game, you can play this game multiple times and still be itching to play the game again. The only downside to Bloodborne is that if you don’t like annoyingly difficult games then you are not going to like this one.

Available Platforms: PS4

2: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

This game caught me by surprise. I never really played any of the other previous Metal Gear Solid games but after a few recommendations I decided to give it a try. I have to say, I am impressed. The Phantom Pain had an amazing balance of different gameplay styles. Want to play in a quiet way and sneak past everything? You can. You want to play in a manor where you just go crazy and blow up everything in sight? You can. Really the only thing holding you back in this game is your own imagination. The story for The Phantom Pain can get pretty whacky. For example, at the beginning of the game I was running away from a unicorn on fire, while a giant whale on fire was destroying a nearby building. Unfortunately, the ending for this game leaves many questions left unanswered and leaves the gamer with an unsatisfying conclusion. Despite these issues the game still deserves its place at number 2.

Available Platforms: PS4, PS3, XB1, 360, & PC

1: The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

This is, by far, the best game I played this year. This game improves from its already great predecessor, The Witcher 2 in every way. The story for this game is excellent because the characters are all interesting and all have depth. The gameplay is immersive and can be challenging at times. and the visuals of this game are outstanding. One of the best looking games out their. If you’re a fan of rpgs and have an interest in fantasy then this game is perfect for you.

Available Platforms: PS4, XB1, & PC