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Goodbye to Seniors, Hello to Jobs

With Spring quarter as the last quarter of the academic year, it means that students will finally be done with the school year. For some students, they are done forever because they are graduating Seniors. Many of our current campus employment posi­tions are currently held by seniors, so once they graduate those spots are immediately going to open up. Sev­eral listings for job positions are al­ready up on the UWT webpage, so students can browse and see what jobs fit their needs and wants.

Students jobs are a perfect way to earn money for your education, and an excellent way to gain experience. Student jobs are all on campus, so students don’t have to worry about time and expenses used for traveling to work. Students also don’t have to worry about working overtime or work cutting into schoolwork, be­cause most of the campus jobs are very flexible in hours and work to fit with the students’ personal needs and availability. The jobs offered on cam­pus are very diverse; with offerings from all different departments to ensure that students can find a job that aligns with their interests.

Since more and more positions are opening up due to matriculation, now is the optimal time for students to apply to campus jobs to ensure employment for the following school year. Deadlines are also approaching fast for certain positions, so it is im­perative for students to submit ap­plications on time. The position for ASUWT President will be opening up, and the deadline to submit all application packages is on April 17. This position calls for someone who is interested in serving as a member of the board to represent students, and will manage and oversee ASUWT and serve as the student body presi­dent. Other positions in student gov­ernment are opening up, such as ASUWT Director of Outreach, ASU­WT Director of University Affairs, ASUWT Director of Student Technol­ogy, and many more. If student gov­ernment positions aren’t of interest, students can choose more laidback jobs like Front Desk Assistant for Student Engagement, or Student As­sistant in the IT department. If stu­dents are passionate about art and creativity, there are positions offered for The Ledger’s Editor in Chief, and Editor for Tahoma West. If helping out other students and being around peers is of interest, then students can check out the Resident Assistant and First Year Peer Advisor listings. There are many other job listings in all sorts of departments, so check the Student Employment web page to find one that best suits your interests.

ASUWT President Jocelyn Pat­terson says, “Student jobs are all about professional development, leadership building, and getting ready for career fields. You learn about group settings and how to build re­lationships within the groups, poli­tics, and skills that you can use to apply to other jobs.

One great thing is that you get mentorship from others to help nav­igate through college and life, and learn time management. Just by going to class every day and leaving right after you don’t really get the same kind of community, camaraderie feel­ing. I am very passionate about stu­dent engagement, because after all I fell in love with Tacoma through my job.”