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Getting Down to Business: How to Land a Job on Campus

No job? No problem. Getting a job here at UWT is not as complicated as one would think. Although our campus is small, there are ample opportunities. According to the UWT Chancellor Pagano, out of approximately 4,500 students attending UWT there are roughly 300 student employees—7.5% of the student population. When asking UWT Dean of Student Engagement, Ed Mirecki, how to land a job on campus, here is the advice he suggests to students: “I would encourage students to express an interest and ask offices if they are hiring, especially if they see a department where they might want to work. Even if they don’t have a current opening, meeting staff or faculty can help get a job that might open later in the year.” The basic requirement set by employers at UWT is a resume and cover letter. If you do not have a resume or are unsure how to make one, there are campus resources available. “Students should have a resume ready to go, and if they need help they can contact the Career Services Office in MAT 106,” Mirecki said. The Mattress Factory is on the south end of campus, and the Career Services Office is on the first floor, adjacent to the Dawghouse Student Lounge (MAT 153). It is easy for students to gain access to the Career Development Center. Student consultants are available for drop-in times on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am to 4 pm. 45-minute appointments can be made with a career development specialist. Jake Nelko, who serves on the directorate for the ACPA’s Commission for Career Services and was the former Career Development Specialist at UWT said, “My biggest suggestion for new students is to hit the ground running. Career Development has created a College-to-Career Roadmap for freshmen and transfer students to help them learn about ways they can gain experience throughout their time at UW Tacoma.” The College-to Career Roadmap is available in the Career Center in MAT 106. Their website: tacoma. cde_Career_Roadmap.cfm provides students with sample resumes, cover letters, other helpful tips to build your professional profile. There are many types of jobs available to students on campus. It is highly recommended that students visit the homepage and type in the search box “student jobs.” Here you will find information about who is hiring and for what position(s). A list of all the available and open positions will appear. Linked to each job title is a basic description of the job offered. There is also information as to whom the student should contact for employment inquiries. As a student, having a flexible and understanding job is crucial to those who try balancing work and school. All jobs on campus have a strict GPA policy, checked quarterly with a minimum requirement of a 2.5. Although you work for the school, as a student there are certain standards that need to be upheld. Education and student improvement are the sole focuses. UWT Manager of the Information Technology Organization, Joshua Gibson, commented on how the IT program on campus is flexible and convenient for student employment, “We work around your class schedule. We know that school takes priority over work. You will be able to stay on campus for work and do not have to drive to and from school.”