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7th Annual Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium

Mathematicians unite on Friday April 10 and Saturday April 11, 2015 as the Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium(NUMS) comes to UWT. In conjunction with the Mathematical Association of America’s (MAA) section meeting, 48 undergraduate and high school presenters, from a collection of 20 schools, will present their mathemat­ical research at the 7th annual sym­posium.

Eight of UWT’s very own: Duong Nguyen, Kari Treese, Giovanna Gra­ciani, Andrew Leise & Tzu Hsu, Kirsten Grace & Lisa Smith, and Luis Solis-Bruno will be presenting their research at the symposium. Each will be covering a unique facet of math­ematics such as: algebra, geometry, and probability and statistics. When asked about UWT hosting the sym­posium, Treese said, “The conference will be a great way to not only show­case my work, but learn from other students and researchers. It’s also just going to be a really fun two days. The schedule is full of awesome events.”

Professor Tevian Dray from Or­egon State University will be a fea­tured speaker with his talk titled The Geometry of Relativity which dis­cusses both special and general rela­tivity. Other speakers include Francis Edward Su from Harvey Mudd Col­lege sharing his collection of Math Fun Facts meant to peak student curiosity, and Gwen L. Fisher, Ph.D. with beAd Infinitum in California who will explain how she uses beads as “aesthetically pleasing mathemat­ical models.”

Sessions will be held primarily in William W. Philip Hall (WPH) and the JOY building with morning ses­sions beginning at 10:45 a.m. and running till 12:40 p.m., then from 3:30-5:40 p.m. for the afternoon ses­sions.