Start Your Journey at UWT’s Study Abroad Fair

The study abroad fair will take place in William Philip Hall, on Wednesday March 4, during the 12:30-1:30 p.m. lunch hour. UWT offers students a vast number of different studying experi­ences, with this year’s programs offering places like Brazil, China, Spain, and many others. Students are encouraged to attend the fair to learn the specifics of each program, as well as all the finan­cial aid that is available for application.

“Exhibitors representing a wide array of international programs and intern­ships will be available to speak with students about opportunities in inter­national education. Many exhibitors will have past participants available to share their experiences and advice,” says Mengmeng Liu, one of the study abroad ambassadors.

Different study abroad programs cover different topics, so students can choose one that best fits their personal interests. The study abroad in China offers academics in history, culture, and economics, taking students to the For­bidden City, the Beijing Municipal Gov­ernment, and even the Tsingtao Beer business sites. Other programs like the Austria trip dives into the study of Psy­chology, visiting Vienna where it all began. Students can visit Sigmund Freud’s apartment, and the Prague Na­tional Museum as part of the program’s outings. This trip will also offer classes such as TPSYCH 404: Psychology of Food and Culture that will count to­wards Psychology majors. There are many other subjects and destinations like Costa Rica, which will count to­wards Environmental Science degrees, Germany, and Ireland.

According to, studying abroad can give you an edge in the job market. Only about 1 percent of college students in America have had the op­portunity to study abroad, so it isn’t a common experience. Employers look for candidates who are cultured, and have greater knowledge of global com­munities. The best time to study abroad is now, so take advantage of the fair and build your experiences.