Love & Solidarity is a Big Accomplishment for Ongoing Civil Rights Movement and UWT Professor Michael Honey

Dr. Michael Honey is on his way in earning his next gold trophy with his most recent movie Love & Solidarity. Former winner of the Robert F. Ken­nedy book award, two-time H.L. Mitch­ell award winner for labor studies, and the Liberty Legacy award winner for civil rights history, Honey uses his ex­pertise to examine the history of the civil rights.


Honey takes viewers back a few decades, to the days of overt black op­pression, and gradually climbs up to the civil rights issues of our modern day, showing a clear relationship be­tween the two. Love & Solidarity is a strong minded movie that showcases the inequalities and lack of justice that African-Americans were/are up against and relates their oppression to the struggle that immigrants all over our country face today.

Honey casts Reverend James Law­son, a minister who worked very closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, as the star in his film. Honey himself is a very well-known civil rights historian whose purpose is to establish a more peaceful society. He has written many books available on campus such as All Labor has Dignity, and Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights, and his most recent Sharecropper’s Troubadour.

In line with Dr. King, Honey and his colleagues believe in a non-violent movement in order to confront these large-scale issues that affect a majority of the minority, such as workers that can’t even claim decent work benefits, or people in the U.S with families that want nothing more than to be safe from deportation.

The Dream Act, a mainly student-run organization, is the modern day civil rights activist group standing up for immigrant’s rights to live, work, prosper, and even achieve citizenship in this country. Honey travels all over the world for his studies, to places such as Rockefeller Research Facility in Bel­lagio, Italy; and gives speeches at pres­tigious schools such as Stanford Uni­versity, to teach people about human empowerment. Honey is an advocate for civil rights. It is people like him, who stand in love and solidarity with marginalized populations, who help society gain the level of peace and equality we embrace today.