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Fashion Annoyances and How to Avoid Them

Over the years, I have encountered a lot of problems with clothing. These frustrations have led to rules that I go by whenever they occur. I’ve written a list of the most annoying or commonly occurring problems and how to avoid them.

I recently purchased a maxi skirt at Forever 21 that has a zipper and no stretch. It fits so awkwardly on my waist that I have to wear a shirt over it to hide the bulging zipper. Little did I know, H&M sold the exact same skirt but with an elastic band rather than a zipper. If you’re in the market for a skirt, look for ones with an elastic waistband rather than one with a zipper and no stretch. Skirts like these are adjustable throughout the day and have a more agreeable fit. And you won’t have to worry about a wayward zipper constantly popping up to say hello.


Jeans these days have stretch. Jeans are so forgiving that, with a few wears, they will stretch beyond what you want them to until they are a size or two larger than they were originally. This event is the bane of my existence. I cannot tell you how many pairs of jeans I bought that ended up completely changing sizes. My answer for this is to avoid jeans altogether and wear jeggings or leggings. If you must have jeans find out how much of a stretch they consist of. If the spandex percentage exceeds 2 percent or 3 percent, you should probably buy a size or two smaller than normal. If you have jeans that became too large on you but still would like to wear them, wear a belt and it will keep them high enough on your hips that they become tighter.

Nylons. Panty hose. Tights. Stockings. This stretchy garment goes by many names and has a tendency to rip quite easily. I do not suggest going the fix-it-yourself route. That’s a novel concept and all but probably more trouble than it is worth. Cheap nylons are sold at grocery stores for around $2.99 each. I suggest buying several pairs and changing them out whenever you get a hole.

They never have your shoe size. Being a size nine and up or five and below promises a life full of sorrow and disappoint. Woe is me, for my feet look huge in these but they fit wonderfully. Curses, I love these shoes but they only come in 5.5 and up. My answer for this is simple. Do not wear shoes that are too small for you or there is bunion surgery in your future! Shop online for shoes and all of these problems will go away. You can search specifically by size availability so you will never be disappointed. Plus, online shoe shopping is oftentimes cheaper than shopping in-store with all the discounts and plentiful variety of knock-off brands.

If you wear high heels and are tall to begin with, the dressed-up factor increases tenfold. I have no idea why, but for us tall girls it is really hard to dress down in high heels. It’s probably because our height increase is so noticeable that people notice us more easily, and the outfit begins to look more about the shoes rather than the ensemble in its entirety. Also, we tower over everyone. Other than just not wearing heels, I have no answer to this problem. I just wanted to complain.

Sometimes we buy cheap shoes, usually boots or booties, and we discover that the bottom of the heel is literally plastic. The traction is so terrible that slipping and falling while walking on smooth surfaces is just going to happen. To negate this embarrassing experience, do not wear these shoes unless where you’re going is carpeted, not hardwood or concrete. Or try sanding down the bottom of the heel until it becomes less slippery and more rough.


Illustration by Danielle Burch