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Album Review: Shebear’s EP

Shebear, a dream pop band from the Puyallup area, released their EP back in February of this year. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to listen to it and bought it. This EP is chalked full of goodness, from the ambient guitar tracks to the dance floor friendly keys. Shebear is the kind of pop music you should listen to. Not only are their songs catchy, but the lyrics and melodies are also well written.

Musicians often write their songs in a way that showcases their influences, but great musicians do this while maintaining a unique sound. Shebear definitely accomplishes this. In the song “Superfoxx,” I can hear a strong homage to Foals. The dance like drumbeats and self-reflective lyrics really make this song great.

My favorite line is the simile in the verse, “Like crashing waves on distant shores I’ve seen, and all at one a great wind blew through me as if to tell me, we are faded.”

I could totally see their song “Drive” being on the radio. It’s got a strong melody that is very easy to sing along with. This song reflects the time when a boy becomes a man. The expresses the feelings a person goes through when leaving his or her childhood home, the independence and means to survive.

I can hear it now. One day people will be singing this line in their cars: “I’ll shoot a gun to kill my lunch, and I don’t have to love or think too much, and I’ll build a house of fallen stone, and live alone, live alone.”

If you like bands such as Foals, Arcade Fire, and Kings of Leon, then you’ve got to check out Shebear. This dream pop band has got big things awaiting them in the future and I am excited to see them grow as a band. I give their EP a 9 out of 10. Be sure to check out Shebear on Facebook and Band Camp where you can also buy their EP.


Photo courtesy of Pacific Studios