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Art Expression event gives voice to local artists and queer community

The event encompassed local artists’ work, drag queen performers and space for openness and vulnerability. 

On May 2, a collective of UWT Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) held an art expression exhibit on campus. The event, which showcased several different works of art by some local artists, youth and students, was created with the intent to provide an open space for the community and discussion, specifically for the LGBTQ+ community.  

Between the hours of 11am and 9pm, people could stop by and look at artwork made by different artists, some from youth centers and aspiring artists in different areas. The pictures ranged from vibrant still images of inanimate objects like skeletons and prescription pill bottles, to recreations of classic films like “Wizard of Oz” or “Uptown Girls.”  

The event encompassed a broad range of RSOs such as the HuskyKai Club, which celebrates Japanese American students. The event created a space for individuality and expression to bloom while opening space for visitors to speak about their experiences.  

Inside the room, there were multiple tables set up with paint supplies and paper for people to use. A group of 2-3 people sat down and began chatting with one another. Each picked up supplies and started creating artwork of their own at the event.  

One of the artists named Destini Hannah showcased her artwork, a large canvas oil painting of a human head surrounded by colorful orange goldfish. When you first walked in, you were greeted by the painting by its sheer size and eye-catching image. The picture encompasses several different color combinations and creates a mesmerizing imaginative fantasy.  

“The painting represented vulnerability because that’s something that I struggle with personally,” said Hannah. “My therapist told me to paint what I want to work on, and vulnerability is something I chose to reflect.”  

Hannah had another painting on display which reflects a scene from the film “Uptown Girls.” The main characters sit face to face in a teacups ride at the fair and share an intimate moment as they reflect on their state of mind with one another. Hannah said this not only reflects the exposure and vulnerability of both characters, but also the deep underlying sadness in this moment.  

“I like that movie a lot because they are both helping each other,” said Hannah. “One character doesn’t get enough attention at home and then the other girl’s parents died. This scene reflects them finally being able to bond together despite their differences. That’s why I chose the color blue to depict both their body images and close surroundings.” 

While the painting has no title, Destiny is proud of the work she made and hopes that people will take something away from it when they see it.  

Several other artwork pieces depict different scenes from people’s lives and interesting moments in film. The creator of the event Lexy Luna had a picture of her own that was on display, of a purple and pink cow with pink strawberries on its head. The title is called “Strawberry Milk comes from Pink Cows.” 

Luna originally had the idea to just put on an art show, but thought it would be a better idea to combine multiple themes in one event.  

“I really wanted this event to be about expressing yourself and being comfortable to share your thoughts with others,” said Luna. “There are so many talented students that I didn’t know who had these artistic qualities and amazing talents. It was such as untouched community and we needed to show that and make sure that it was free and open to everybody.”   

The event also hosted a dinner and drag show with special drag queen guests, Valerie Veeta, Alpha Qawlknight, Velveteen and Hugh Jass. Each drag queen performed at the event playing different songs like “What Dreams Are Made Of” by Hillary Duff, “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry and “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. For each performance they all interacted with the crowd while dancing and lip-singing the songs. Their colorful and vibrant outfits were equally matched by their bold and daring make-up.  

Events like these have become more common on UW campuses to create a more inclusive space for LGBTQ+ individuals. If you would like to see more events like this or leave feedback, please reach out to the event coordinator Lexi Luna at 

Artist “Destini Hannah” next to her two paintings. Photo by Rachel Meatte.

‘Featured image’ Drag Queen “Valerie Veeta” performing “This Is What Dreams Are Made of”  Photo by Rebecca Leong.