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‘Mario vs. Donkey Kong’: Nintendo’s biggest rivalry

Mario and Donkey Kong go head-to-head in Nintendo’s newest remake.

Japanese video game company, Nintendo, creator of iconic gaming franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, brings back its timeless rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong in their latest installment for the Switch.  

This feud between two gaming legends dates back to 1981, when the original Donkey Kong arcade game introduced a character resembling the now-famous plumber, Mario. Fast forward to 2004, the Game Boy Advance saw the release of the first official Mario vs. Donkey Kong, marking the revival of their rivalry. 

February 16 of this year saw the highly anticipated release of the new Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch, a remake of the iconic 2004 version. This latest version combines elements from its predecessor while adding updated graphics that fit with Mario and Donkey Kong’s modern styling and new abilities.  

The game offers players a fresh yet nostalgic experience. Set across more than 130 levels and 8 unique worlds, players must guide Mario and his friends through various obstacles, utilizing skills and tools to solve puzzles to rescue the stolen Mini Mario Toys from Donkey Kong. 

Unlike previous Mario games, where our hero exhibits superhuman abilities, Mario vs. Donkey Kong emphasizes meaningful, precise movements that encourage strategy. Players must carefully time jumps and utilize various techniques to progress. Instead of breaking blocks and bouncing on enemies’ heads, Mario can now use them as platforms or projectiles.  

While Mario vs. Donkey Kong primarily targets younger audiences, it offers post-game expert levels and challenges for those seeking a greater test of skill. Additionally, the introduction of a two-player co-op mode adds a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing players to work together while practicing skills like teamwork and communication.  

Overall, Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Switch delivers a polished remake that is fun and accessible for players of all ages. It invites both newcomers and longtime fans alike to relive the timeless rivalry between two Nintendo icons. 

Do you have what it takes to go head-to-head with Donkey Kong? 

Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the Game Boy Advance. Released in 2004.  Image by Nintendo.

Featured Image, Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Image by Nintendo.