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UWT masterclass on ‘BedRotting’ like a pro

Following the subject’s extensive growth within its own community, UWT alumni and field professionals have come together to present a BedRotting masterclass at UWT.

Is the nine to five life getting you down? Have you grown so tired that you no longer find any energy partaking in your usual hobbies? Do you find yourself spending all of your free time doom scrolling through TikTok? Despite how tired you are, do you usually still end up going to sleep at 4 a.m.? If your answer was yes for all these questions, I have just the thing that will make you never want to leave your bed. 

BedRotting is the worldwide phenomenon that has taken it by storm. Teenagers and adults alike find themselves giving into that gnawing exhaustion and sinking into the deepest depths of their mattresses. Once they’re set, someone can easily be planted in the same place for hours, even days on end. Bundling up in several blankets, munching on snacks as you watch Netflix, or broodingly staring up at the ceiling, BedRotting is all about embracing the lack of any motivation. Forget going outside, who needs sunlight anyways? Shut the blinds and you’ll truly be in a rotting hole of your own making.  

This is why UWT has been chosen as a pioneer campus for the BedRotting method, implementing this as a valuable skill to hone, perfect and employ in your everyday life. A few talented alumni have organized small seminars on campus to share tips and tricks with newcomers, encouraging participants to bring their own mattresses for full immersion. With this, they have successfully created a space where like-minded individuals can rot alongside each other.  

Now, UWT has put itself on the map as a BedRot student central. This April 1, the Coalition of Students for BedRot Maxxing (CSBM) will be hosting their biggest event alongside some of the biggest names in the BedRot industry: Dr. Ophelia Pane – creator of the BedRot method and world-renowned BedRot psychologist, BedRot specialist motivational speaker Ty Prater, and author of “The Gospel of BedRot: How to Reach BedRot-Maxxing Enlightenment,” Anna Tomie.  

These seasoned and experienced professionals will be showcasing their skills in Phillip Hall. Bringing their own personalized tools of the craft, they will be giving detailed demonstrations. Students are required to keep quiet and not interrupt the demonstration process.  They are encouraged to take notes as they take place. Immersion is also a substantial part of the process. Demonstrators will be utilizing the halls speakers to play their preferred playlists. These star artists such as Mitski, Ethel Cain, Phoebe Bridgers, Lana Del Rey and many more in order to help solidify the BedRotting atmosphere. Questions will not be answered, for the path to ultimate BedRotting requires great sacrifice and resiliency. Only the worthy will make it out to the end.  

Are you prepared to embrace your ultimate BedRot potential? If you are, then I encourage you to stop by Phillip Hall this April 1. We also suggest becoming a part of the CSBM and joining our ever-rotting community.  

“BedRot like a pro” seminar hosted by the Coalition of Students for BedRot Maxxing (CSBM) in a local convention center.

@Notsafeforweabs via Tumblr 

Dash Con ball pit image taken by attendee in 2014