The ban on TikTok

U.S. foreign policies are becoming even more isolationist with a ban on TikTok being considered. 

Since 9/11, U.S. foreign policies have become increasingly isolationist. This has resulted in several changes in travel policies and other parts of foreign relations. The most recent change being considered is supposed to impact a very popular app, TikTok.  

The U.S. government has become increasingly concerned with citizens’ information being in the hands of foreign companies. This sparked a move to have TikTok banned in the U.S. I find this to be very isolating and overreaching. The control over social media and keeping apps purely U.S. or any other foreign entity. There is so much that comes from the connection of people on different continents. How else can we describe government control of social media? 

TikTok is used by many to bring awareness to certain social issues and movements, talk about your favorite book, or even find something new that you never knew about. It has also become the main income source for many content creators and a way for small businesses to reach a larger audience. It has created a sense of community for many. While there is no arguing that it has its issues, as any social media outlet would, I and others have found a lot of benefits too. 

An article published by AP News stated that this ban would take effect if the China-based owner, ByteDance, does not sell their stakes within 6 months. As of right now though, it seems there is not a lot to worry about. There are currently several bills that are aiming to ban TikTok, but they have all been stalled. However, if they were to be pushed forward though, President Joe Biden has said he would sign the bill.  

The ban on TikTok is further reinforcing U.S. isolating foreign policies. The fear of the Chinese government obtaining U.S. users’ data is a little bit of a reach. Like Vine, TikTok is filled with short funny videos. The key difference is the broadened use of the platform, which has arguably been for the better. It has become a way to educate and has created new communities and connected so many. But it does beg the question, what will the new it app be if this ban were to take effect?  

The Ban on TikTok. Illustrated by Cole Martin.