Tips for fighting senioritis

As we get closer to graduation, senioritis is spreading through campus. How do we combat this? 

As we approach the middle of spring quarter, the anticipation of graduation for seniors is stronger than ever. Many might be experiencing senioritis. Being so close to the finish line that is all you can think about, at least that’s what I have been experiencing since spring term started. After spending the last few years working towards this one goal, I am ready to reap the benefits.  

What do we do about senioritis though? Think about this quarter as one last time to prepare for life after college, or graduate school depending on your plan. It makes it easier to keep pushing forward when you know you have something to work on rather than something that is more optional.   

Here are five ways to do that:  

  • Search for internships and jobs after graduation. You can go to the Career Center, located in MAT 106, for help.  
  • Revisit your budget if you have one, costs are going to be different now. Check out Milgard’s Center for Financial Wellness for events and resources. 
  • Set some achievable goals for the next year, such as applying for a certain number of jobs, or completing a small project related to your field.  
  • Build your network. Look for local groups in your field who host networking events. 
  • Build up your resume and cover letter. The Career Center can also help you with that, hosting workshops, appointments and drop-in hours for resume assistance. 

I know that we are all ready for summer and finally getting to catch our breath, but we still have a little bit more to go. We are in the final stretch though senior Huskies! Let’s finish this year off strong.  

Seniors at UWT are approaching the next stage of their lives. Photo by the Ledger staff.

Featured image caption: As spring quarter continues, the shadow of graduation looms for seniors. Photo by the Ledger staff.