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G-Ghost on campus?! Uncanny husky sightings on the rise

With a rise in reports of a mysterious, ghostly husky appearing on campus, UWT hires monster hunters to investigate the issue. 

Throughout winter quarter, UWT administration received an alarmingly high number of staff and students reporting strange sightings throughout campus during the evening, along with odd video recordings and spontaneous power outages. All sightings happened near or inside the Whitney building, which used to be a church. Witnesses reported seeing a small, uncanny looking dog similar to a husky with crooked human-like teeth of different sizes and sunken eyes. However, during the day people have found odd symbols that are similar to a pentagram throughout campus. They say the symbol has a large “W” in the center of two circles. The outer circle seems to mimic thick stitch marks.  

As sightings increased, the UWT administration made a statement saying that these incidents were most likely related to the new Huskies on Campus program or maybe it is staff’s pet for bring your pet to campus program. However, many students have pointed out that the sightings began weeks before this program and that no staff member has claimed it to be their pet.  

UWT student Shaggy Rogers is one of these students who has witnessed both the odd symbols and creature. He tells The Ledger that he may be into demonic horror movies but he ain’t about the demon/monster hunting life. Whenever he leaves his evening classes, especially at the Whitney building, he books it for the door and doesn’t stop running until he reaches his van located normally in Lakewood mall parking lot.  

“Do I look like a ghost buster?” said Rogers. “No way man. Like Markiplier once said to Freddy Fazbear during one of his play-throughs, ‘You do you, and I’ll do me. And we won’t do each other.’ That’s like, all I’m saying to whatever is causing all this weirdness. It ain’t none of my business!”   

Honestly, I’m not shocked about this happening. Our campus is made up of old factory buildings that were abandoned for many years to the point where many of them became pretty run-down. Some of those buildings were even around in the 1890s, like West Coast Grocery, as City of Tacoma recalls in a booklet they published online. Thanks to not having maintenance for many years, the old buildings began to rot so much that not even the red-light district wanted to establish itself near the warehouse district. This just shows how everyone was creeped out by where our campus now stands.  

Whitney building up the hill from the main UWT campus. Photo by Cameron Berrens.

As somebody who watches urban exploring YouTubers like “Sam and Colby” and supernatural ones like “Buzzfeed Unsolved” with Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej- those places tend to be the places where murders and spooky things happen. Similarly to the warehouses that host the majority of our school, abandoned churches such as the Whitney building are the main attraction for mysterious and at times sinister deeds. This could be a potential explanation for why students are catching the odd sightings mainly in that building out of any other on the campus. Maybe something sinister happened in Whitney when it was left alone before UWT renovated it for use.  

As a response to the events and increased concerns of the community, UWT administration has finally taken action by hiring The Public Safety Commission of Supernatural (PSCS) to investigate what is happening. The organization was founded by Dean and Sam Winchester.  

PSCS plans on sending Special Division 4 lead by Aki Hayakawa and Gojo Satoru. Special Division 4 will be on campus April 31 during the devil’s hour. They recommend all students and staff to be out of the building, for they will be decking the halls with some monsters.  

Hopefully, this mystery can be solved soon, because although I did take the T ARTs 151: Fundamentals of Acting class last quarter, I didn’t sign up to be a part of the next real-life event that inspires the “Conjuring” 4! If that’s the case, then in the words of wisdom of the song writer Youtuber “The Theme Song” in a kid friendly way, forget this stuff, I’m out!  

Whitney building up the hill from the main UWT campus. Photo by Cameron Berrens.