Use the U-PASS to make the most of public transit

Automatically loaded onto your Husky ID, the U-PASS makes taking public transit a breeze.

What is the U-PASS?

The U-PASS is a benefit you pay for in your tuition fees that resides within your Husky ID card. It covers your transit fare for most of the public transit systems surrounding all three UW campuses, meaning you do not have to pay each time you hop on a bus or train. It includes Pierce, Metro, Community, Kitsap, Everett and Sound Transit buses, as well as Swift and RapidRide buses, and Link Light Rail and Sounder services. The only ones the U-PASS doesn’t cover are the Ferry and Intercity Transit services.

How do I use my U-PASS?

If you are registered for classes and have paid the Services & Activities fee, your U-PASS will automatically be activated about a week before classes start—no need for any action on your part. The U-PASS is activated on your Husky ID card. Simply scan your Husky ID on the ORCA card reader of whichever mode of transit you are using, wait for the beep and green light, and proceed onto the bus or train.

How do I know which bus or train to take?

The sheer number of transit options surrounding the UWT campus can seem a bit overwhelming. Each transit service has its own online resources, such as maps and bus schedules. The most comprehensive resource for commuters traveling between cities is the Transit app. This app allows you to enter your starting location and destination, then gives multiple transit route options and times.