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Tacoma Smash Bros, Femmes of STEM, UWT Music Club and more! Find your passion in a UWT club

Tacoma Smash Bros, Femmes of STEM, UWT Music Club and more! Find your passion in a UWT club.

Find your people at UWT. Come be part of an amazing group of UWT students who share your same interests and goals. UWT has more than 50 clubs created and led by students. These clubs officially sanctioned by the university are called Registered Student Organizations (RSO).  

RSOs cover a broad range of academic subjects, hobbies, and interests. Here is a sample: UWT Film Club, UWT Music club, Pre-Law Society, Psychology Club, Criminal Justice League, Student Theatre Acting Guild, Tacoma Smash Bros, Echo Dance Club, Young Democratic Socialists of America, UW Game Development Club, Pacifica Islander Club, Huskykai Japanese Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Pride Pack, Femmes of STEM and Mathematics Club. 

For instance, the UWT Monarchs United is dedicated to creating a space for UWT students who are undocumented immigrants and their student rights. They also work to connect these students with each other and offer academic opportunities such as internships. 

“Our club is a place for immigrants to feel safe and heard,” said Perla, an officer of the organization. “We want them to feel like they can come to a place where no one is questioning the validity of their status as a student or person. That they have a voice in school, and they are always welcome to express any concerns or opinions that they have.” 

UWT supports the RSOs with guidance and funding. Last week, the Student Involvement Center held a “Club Camp” to teach club organizers how to attract more members and other basic information to operate their clubs successfully. They learned how to operate student club funding and attract more students to their clubs. There were over 100 participants attending that were ready to finalize their UWT registered organization and foster more in-person communities on campus.     

Have we piqued your interest in checking out which club is for you? For more information, visit the Student Involvement Center webpage at: