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To the readers of The Ledger and the University of Washington Tacoma community,

My time working at The Ledger has been impactful and kick started my career in journalism, and I have had nothing but a great experience writing about the stories of others.

However, with the decline of print media and the news in general, The Ledger is facing strong budget cuts this upcoming year. We felt this back in the fall when we lost the color in our printed issues and this coming year, we will no longer be in print and The Ledger will publish their stories strictly online. This is sad but understandable accommodation for a university facing a budget deficit.

However, the budget cuts proposed to The Ledger (30% less than requested) will not only cause us to lose printed issues, but we will also be losing a writer per section. This budget cut will take away the opportunity for multiple student writers to have the opportunity to explore the world of journalism and creative writing.

Currently, The Daily, The University of Washington Seattle campus’ news publication, lists that they have a staff of about 271 students including 24 editors. The Ledger operates with around 20 individuals total. We will potentially lose 5 staff member positions this coming fall.

I know that I have done great work writing for The Ledger. However, with these budget cuts, it is hard to believe the school feels the same. Which ultimately does make me feel downhearted. But I am always a pessimistic optimist so regretfully, I hope for the best.

Student publications are important for a thriving college campus as well as the community in general. Student publications allow up and coming writers to learn outside the classroom, practice their craft, editing skills, community outreach, hold positions of power accountable and so much more.

The loss of Ledger writing positions will not only take away this opportunity for student writers this upcoming year, but for years to come.

So, while I leave my final year here at UWT and The Ledger on a bittersweet note, I am hopeful for next year’s staff. Hopeful that together they will continue doing great work and that they will operate at as full of a capacity as possible.


Destiny Valencia