The UWT Childcare Assistance Program is open for applications

If you are a student caregiver with children in childcare, you may qualify for reimbursement aid.

Photo by CAP Staff | UWT Childcare Assistance Progam is hosted across all three campuses.

The UWT Childcare Assistance Program is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.  Made possible by funding from the Student Activities Fee Committee, the Childcare Assistance Program provides funding reimbursements to student caregivers who have children in a qualifying state-registered childcare facility. Funding is available for children from birth to twelve years and eleven months of age.

Kelly Tyrrell, UWT Program Support Supervisor for the Office of Student Affairs, says applications usually take up to ten business days to process and funds are dispersed via direct deposit once an application has been approved. Though Tyrrell explains, currently, the processing time from submission of an application to disbursement of funds is closer to five business days. 

All three UW campuses offer the Childcare Assistance Program, though each campus has its own online application. Because the programs function independently of each other at each campus, Tyrrell suggests taking a close look at which UW location you are applying to before clicking on the submit button on your online application. 

To qualify for funding childcare providers must be licensed through the Washington Department of Child and Family Services. Applicants will include the provider number with their application and the childcare facility will be verified through the Washington Department of Child and Family Services provider system. 

If the chosen provider is not registered with the state, Tyrrell encourages student caregivers to contact her directly to share their specific situation. 

“Sometimes there are exceptions available to particular situations, so I encourage student caregivers to get in touch with me so we can talk about their specific needs,” Tyrrell said.

The childcare assistance program application covers autumn, winter and spring quarters. Funding is not available for the summer quarter. Student caregivers have the option to apply for one quarter or multiple. Applicants need only apply once during a school year, and the remaining quarters are automatically included in their application. 

Photo by CAP staff | Applications are now open.

Approved applicants receive a $600 reimbursement per quarter for UWT students enrolled full-time, and a $400 reimbursement per quarter for UWT students enrolled part-time. Though these rates are standard, Tyrrell shares there may be room for further accommodation, depending on a student’s needs.

“Oftentimes we do have student caregivers who need a little extra (funding), so I always try to make sure they know about the emergency aid option, available through the financial aid office,” Tyrrell said.

Applications can be submitted online. There is currently no waitlist for the program.

For a full list of requirements and to read more about the program, visit the UWT Childcare Assistance Program webpage at

To submit an application, visit the application page at contact Kelly Tyrrell directly, send an email to