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Charlie Puth’s newest album “CHARLIE” has only six new songs

With half of the songs already released as singles, “CHARLIE” does not add much, but adds enough.

Charlie Puth has recently come out with the full release of his third studio album titled “CHARLIE,” which follows the theme of breakup. Charlie Puth uses this third album as a way to get through his emotions, as well as to just do what he does, which is produce music.

Prior to the full release of “CHARLIE,” Puth released six singles, which were “”Light Switch,” “That’s Hilarious,” “Left and Right,” “Smells Like Me,” “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” and “Charlie Be Quiet!.”

“Light Switch” was a song that Puth made after helping in the production of “STAY” by Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI. This song follows the upbeat vibe of “STAY,” and the lyricism came from a random TikTok that Puth uploaded showing his process of producing music. 

“That’s Hilarious” is inspired from a breakup that impacted the artist heavily, which was from his relationship with Charlotte Lawrence back in 2019. 

“Left and Right” is a collaboration song with Jung Kook from BTS, and follows the idea of getting through a breakup. 

“Smells Like Me” continues this trend by talking about his hopes that his ex will not forget him. 

“I Don’t Think I Like Her,” much like the previous, follows the trend and talks about how the artist is done with love; for now at least. 

Finally, “Charlie Be Quiet!” is about how the artist is trying to move on, but will not fully express himself as he is scared that the same thing will happen again.

The songs that dropped with the full release of “CHARLIE” are “There’s A First Time For Everything,” “Loser,” “When You’re Sad I’m Sad,” “Marks On My Neck,” “Tears On My Piano” and “No More Drama.”

“There’s A First Time For Everything” is an upbeat love song full of regret and rhythm. In this song, Puth shares his disbelief that he misses his ex, and this could be seen in his lyrics such as “Never thought I’d actually miss you… but maybe there’s a first time for everything.”  Much like the singles he released, this song does not stray far from the idea of a breakup, and the rest of the songs that follow aren’t much different.

“Loser” starts with some fun wordplay, rhyming loser with “lose her.” It is a song that shares what Puth thinks about his past relationship. He tries to forget about it all, but nothing works at all and he cannot stay away from it. This can be seen in his lyrics like “And I stay up like three or four nights so I won’t dream about us, wake up with no luck.” 

The generic, slow-paced love song filled with piano, “When You’re Sad I’m Sad” is nothing all too special. There are much better slow-and-sad love songs out there, and this falls in the middle of all of that. The only thing that helps this song stand out a bit from the rest in the genre is Charlie Puth’s amazing voice, and this is most prominent when he sings “So I take you back ‘cause when you’re sad, I’m sad.”

As one of the most repetitive songs on the album, “Marks On My Neck” is an easy song to pass on. With a slightly catchy, yet redundant chorus, there is no depth. With only two different verses, the song is missing a lot, especially when those two verses keep the same rhythm, but interchange lyrics such as “I should’ve never, have never” with “ I tried to cover it, cover it.”

“Tears On My Piano” has imperfections that make for a great song as the beat only consists of two instruments: a drum kit and the piano. Like “Marks On My Neck,” this song is repetitive, but Puth’s vocals make up for it as he sings “I won’t name any names, I just want you to feel (all these tears on my piano).” With lyricism like this, it is clear that the song is inspired about letting his ex know how he feels. One downside to this song, however, is the rhythm of how he sings “all these tears on my piano” as it just feels awkward and out of place in the song.

Puth changes it up a bit with “No More Drama” by singing about feeling good and getting over the breakup. The upbeat style of the song keeps it more fresh than the rest of the album as well. One great thing about this song specifically is the way Puth sings “I got no more drama in my life,” as just one listen and the rhythm will be stuck in your head.

Overall, with only six new songs, Charlie Puth’s newest album “CHARLIE” is a bit better than average. Filled with mostly love songs, with similar types of beats, it could get repetitive quickly, but the upside is that Charlie Puth’s amazing voice makes it worth listening to.