Spend some time with Global Ambassadors

The Global Ambassadors are kicking off the quarter with a variety of events for students to participate in.

The Global Ambassadors program is starting the school year off by welcoming new members and hosting a variety of fun events and activities for its participants. The Global Ambassadors (GA), which is a part of the Office of Global Affairs, is a program dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships between international and domestic students through conversations centered around local, global, and social justice issues. 

This month, students can look forward to a trip to the Tacoma Night Market on the 29, and on Halloween, a night filled with caramel apples and spooky arts and crafts. Students can participate in a volunteer activity in collaboration with the Giving Garden on November 21, visit Snowflake Lane on November 26th, and on November 28, GA will be hosting a Friendsgiving event with arts and crafts. 

Rocky Mamea, a senior studying criminal justice here at UWT serves as the Program Coordinator for the Global Ambassadors and is very excited for GA meetings and events to begin. “I feel so bubbly and I can’t wait to start,” Mamea said. 

Mamea looks forward to visiting the Tacoma Night Market the most as they have never visited before and is excited to bring along their fellow members and students.

“You don’t have to attend meetings to join events. These events are made as bonding events for international and domestic students to foster community,” Mamea said. To attend these events, one simply needs to sign up for said event in which students will find links for specific events listed on the GA Instagram page. 

Global Ambassadors meet weekly on Mondays in the Snoqualmie building (SNO 239) during the lunch hour 12:30-1:30 p.m. During these student-led meetings one can expect a variety of social and political issues to be discussed such as: climate change, consumerism and materialism, education, grief and loss, etc. These meetings are designed to begin discussions between international and domestic students who each hold different life experiences. 

“When I describe Global Ambassadors, it’s like a study abroad for those who don’t want to leave campus and I know there are many reasons they cannot do study abroad but they can do it here, and they can hear what someone from Peru might think about a social issue, they can share culture and social experiences. I think it’s a nice way to be involved in global events without leaving campus,” Mamea said.

Mamea looks forward to potential events they hope GA can take part in such as the multicultural fair and an international film festival hosted by GA.

If students are interested in more events put on by The Office of Global Affairs, they can attend weekly UW Tea Time sessions put on by the OGA Fellows and ISSS staff. This weekly event encourages domestic students to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and get to know their fellow international students. This is held every Wednesday at 12:30-1:15 p.m. in GWP 101.

If you would like to become a member of Global Ambassadors or participate in their events you can attend their weekly meetings or follow them on Instagram @globala.uwt for information on events, meetings and all other questions.